Goodbye TID, Hello Xbox 360 Chatpad

Microsoft has snapped out of its DOS flashback and given the upcoming Xbox 360 QWERTY thumb keyboard a less technical-sounding moniker than "Text Input Device": meet the Chatpad. The real name of the peripheral-formerly-known-as-TID was discovered by a Joystiq reader poking around the Marketplace after Tuesday's Spring update, where its identity is revealed in a page about Windows Live Messenger integration. Expect lawsuits from the makers of ChatBuddy and PepperPad any day now.

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alsef074483d ago

Ok so it is suppose to be the most used aim system, but if you are from america, most of us use AIM! I seriosuly do not know a single person that would us msn messenger, anyway it is a good upgrade, but still useless for many users in this country

Black Republican4483d ago

I on the other hand do not know anyone who uses AIM, and everyone I know uses msn messenger

BIadestarX4483d ago

AIM!? What the hell is that? Is that thing... made by a company called AOL that made their business based on refusing to cancel's people account?

IIIJUMPMAN23III, is right... obviously...
here is the point IIIJUMPMAN23III made in case you failed to follow... you don't know anyone that uses MSN messenger because you don't use MSN messenger... Some people have multipler messenger. Some use yahoo.. other use GoogleTalk... and people like you use AIM.. which I happen to hate. (I paid for aol for 2 years just to keep my email; while I was paying for broadband).

Alot more people than you think use live messenger... And if you remove your hate hat for a few seconds, you will see that live messenger has a lot more features than any other messenger.
I love it specially now that it integrates very well is LIVE Mail.
I bet you dont know what live mail is. Download the client and then compare it with your webbase mail crap.. and tell me what you think.

Numark4483d ago

It is funny, because when I use to live in North Carolina, everyone used AIM. Now i moved to DC, and everyone uses MSN. So it all depends on where you live and who your friends are. But to say no one uses either one, is pure ignorance.

ASSASSYN 36o4483d ago

Who made you the spokesman of what America uses. And what makes you ASSume you even know what your talking about.

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Boon Tarkas4483d ago

This might sell 6 units. Gross underestimate I know but what's the point? So I can type to my friends who are at work on Windows, while I go voice-chat with my XBL friends, while playing games at home.

Not likely. Maybe I'm not hip.

BIadestarX4483d ago

Actually no... how about organize a group chat with up to 20 people (Your clan) to play a game. 6 units? LOL. Here is another way to use it... you heard about MMO games? Have you try playing Final Fantasy XI? You cant do voice chat with more than 1 person. You have to have a USB keyboard next to you...
Now with this device... MMO will become easier to play with...
Also, with the next update when they bring Clan Support... where you will be able to do clan chats, or post news and other stuff for your clan it will be easier and faster.

This will also help bringing word games like SCRABBLE that are easier to play.

Also, I wouldn't mind eventually reading my emails while playing games. Sometimes I have to run to my computer to find out if I received an email (my life depends on it)...

How about a browser... browser sucks without keyboard.

and yes... sure.. you can use a usb keyboard but you have to sit next to your console.. and yes you can buy a wireless keyboard.. but it would cost you more than this device... and ofcourse with this device you don't have to drop your joypad to type.

FeralPhoenix4483d ago

I don't know maybe alot of people won't really use it....but I like cool gadgets and this little "ChatPad" is very I can't resist and hell I might even use it.

Hymons4483d ago

But I think typing with 9 fingers (Both thumbs count for spacebar lol) is quicker than 2 thumbs. I dunno, some people might find it useful.. and easier. Many people use handheld keyboards everyday, so who knows. It is interesting though.

neogeo4483d ago

Looks like Jaguar. Looks like crap:)

SmokeyMcBear4483d ago

anyone think that the base of your thumbs will be rubbing up on some of the keys... its looks like its pretty close, just wondering if the return key is at the right hand side of the keypad, and it might get accidentally pressed during extreme gameplay, hopefully if it does, it wont effect anything happening on screen