VGC Most Wanted: September 2009 Edition

"VG Writes":

"First I would like to announce for the October edition I am allowing people to vote for both Zelda Wii and Pikmin 3, as it is very obvious they will be released (and my doubts about not knowing the correct game title were quashed when I remembered Benga included "Tales of Ten" in the earlier editions) So for the future, the rule is that if a game is on the VGC database, I will assume it to be "officially announced" while anyone wanting to vote for games that are not on the database will need to provide some links to show the title is in development.

Secondly I would like to ask people, particularly Wii fans, to make sure to read the rules the next time you vote, as I had to disregard 5 votes this month, 4 of them Wii games that had released in late August in that users region (such as Metroid Prime Trilogy, which I believe got 3 votes, but only 1 of them was valid as the other two were Americans) Now onto this months news."

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Zedux3794d ago

VGC is the most unreliable source for real information regarding gaming and sales figures! just want you to know!