Microsoft to drop three Japanese 360 games in June

Summer is a notoriously slow time for game news and releases; when everyone is talking about something as poor as Spider-Man 3, you know you're in trouble. Microsoft has a plan, though: dump three games developed in Japan on the same day, June 29. If nothing else it'll be good for a story (ahem) and it will show that Japan hearts the 360. It's a stretch, but it's the summer. What can we expect to see?

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tehcellownu4274d ago

they are failing in japan and the best thing to do is drop 3 games for japan jus because it summer..they should of release it anywyas..people will buy it regardless..because it summer!! vacation time

BIadestarX4274d ago

I think you got confused... You should click on the link you know... who every wrote this article used the world "drop" instead of "release"...

Mysk4274d ago

I'm looking forward to some Sylpheed action, but after watching the Tenchu video I'm very disappointed to see that the AI is still pretty much nonexistent.

I loved the atmosphere and idea of Wrath of Heaven, but the NPCs may as well have been practice dummies for all of the thinking that they done. Now in Tenchu Z you see three standing in one room, totally ignoring the death of their partner just a couple of feet away.

These games could be fantastic if they would just stop being lazy about the AI. It's so frustrating.. :-/

I know that it's not a fighting game, but I want realistic reactions from the NPCs. They could do so much with this series! >.<