TT: MMO's and Hello Kitty Online Preview

Toast Time wrote, "The infamous MMO has been something I've never fully been able to escape from. It's nothing but 'grind' with no exceptions. Ever. No matter what situation you are placed in be it killing monsters or making socks with +3 defense you are still grinding to achieve that goal. Even though it's the same I still had to try out the newest addition to Aeria Games."

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BetaChris3790d ago

I can honestly say that if/when/ever I start playing MMOs regularly, HKO will never make the list. Just doesn't seem very like it would be very entertaining...

cain1413789d ago

I will never play a hello kitty mmo, but I bet there are a lot of young girls who will...

Toastngravy3788d ago

If only it was actually only young girls that were playing. In fact young girls are the minority of the current population inside the game.