Exclusive Game Content – Does Everyone Lose?

This will be a debateable article for many of you, and some will simply say it is a cry piece about not having the right console, or a PC for that matter. However, to the open minded, this is a true reflection on how we have all been affected, penalised, punished or, dare I say it, betrayed by the games we love and hold dear to our hearts for simply not having the right gaming platform.

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Saaking3797d ago

MS is rumored to have pay 50 million for GTA IV DLC. With that kind of money they could have developed a new IP or two. Exclusive DLC on a MULTIPLATFORM game should NOT be allowed; otherwise why not make the whole game exclusive in the first place?

Press_Agree3797d ago

The game Genji: Dawn of the Samurai is a great example of exclusive game content. Press Agree

Pandamobile3797d ago

Yeah and they didn't even release it on Windows Live. Way to go Microsoft.

gamesR4fun3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

as long as were paying they dont much care what we think.

also wth is with the exclusive content for ordering at x retailer. Normally idc if its stuff thats jus added bling or unlockable later on. But tons of games now u can only get lvl x from this shop or that one...

jus takes away from the game imo and I blame M$ for taking it so far.

Tony P3796d ago

I'd rather have it go back to competition through exclusive games, not exclusive features in the same game. It's getting really ridiculous. Once again greed abuses what was once a good concept in DLC.

-MD-3796d ago

It's a way to shift consoles and sell more copies.

GTA4 was one of the biggest games this generation and MS secured an exclusive deal. It worked.

Boody-Bandit3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Exclusive content included free? No problem

DLC with a price tag? Not interested

FarEastOrient3796d ago

Some exclusive DLC makes sense, for example DLC that is released for a later version because it couldn't on a single DVD.

Couldn't fit on a DVD:
Ninja Gaiden Sigma series
Tales of Vesperia Complete
Fallout 3 GoY (PS3) Contains all 5 episodes and original game on same disc

Or as an incentive for consumers to buy a game already previously released:
Eternal Sonata

Or because of unique hardware properties:
Assassin's Creed II w/ PSP
Tales VS

Or simply because a company just paid for it:
Gran Theft Auto IV: Episodes

Or out of the blue the company felt like it:
Dead Space
Mirror's Edge

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XxSolid SnakexX3797d ago

your right M$ has no right to make dlc either timed exclusive with fallout 3 or just exclusive period with gta 4 there is a huge fanbase including myself who the ps3 version of gta 4 for ps3 and we want the dlc but we can't get it because M$ like to screw us gamers in the A$$ thanks M$ for ruining my gaming experince as well as other gamers

THE MAX SPEED 213797d ago

lol they have no right? what do you mean by that?

If microsoft pays for the right to do it . guess what? they have all the right to do it.

you should have said something like ; I dont like them doing this , but dont say they dont have the right because in front of the law they paid for it so they can do whatever they feel like doing.

I like those GTA DLC

Lou-Cipher3796d ago

I think we can all agree that Microsoft is a very dirty company, and I'm never suprised when they do something to support their own greed.

I definitely think we should start directing some of our anger towards the game developers that are agreeing to such bull$hit deals.

Why don't we give Rockstar/Infinity Ward/Eidos/Bethesda a bit more he11, they deserve some negativity for doing these ignorant deals too.

giovonni3796d ago

Microsoft is free to do what they want. It's their money! The same as if you payed a large some of money to get a popular article plus a little more services availiable to you and you only... Keep in mind you paid for it. So, with you guys logic it's unfair? Wow, lets look at some facts before we start calling MS snakes, and ignorant

First, last time I checked couldn't Sony pay to have their own DLC? I don't want to hear that BS Sony is God its a logical company that will not compromise it's fans. It's a respectable company, they wouldn't dare do that... yeah that logic is as cheesy as a afternoon soap opera

Second, I thought Sony fans didn't care about the DLC. MS paid 50 million for a flop. Now that it's grown in popularity now it's unfair? I mean Jesus Joe Ebony Christ

Third, It's not like you Sony loyals can't play it, what's the saying? If you want to play the exclusive buy a ps3... Yeah, why don't you Sony loyalist take your own advice if you want to play the download content buy a 360, or just take the loss. No excuses of "it will RROD on me in 2 hours," "why buy an inferior console....."

Fourth, why would a company not accept 50 million? They are in business to stay in business. what they gonna say " No, I will not accept 50 million because I'm going to upset a small percent of fans, or "look here, Microsoft. give us Half that money and after 6 months we can make it possible to port it over to PS3"... Righhhhhhhht!

and Finally, the only ones complaining are those who only own one system. Man Up! If you truly want to enjoy gaming stop complaining it's already proven that this is no longer a one console race. This ol 3rd grade mentality, name game is ridiculous. If anything why aren't you guys blaming Sony for not securing its own DLC for Grand Theft?

pippoppow3796d ago

The point is exclusive content for a multiplatform title is bull. For instance, the new Batman game that has exclusive joker content for the PS3. Both 360 and PS3 owners pay the same price for it. The joker content should at the very least be available for free on XBL, although MS probably will charge for it. Why should people who support a game just as much as others on another platform suffer. I personally don't care for most DLC but it doesn't mean I can't see there is something wrong with shunning a portion of a companies fanbase for the money. And no, the PS3 should just, for the most part keep putting most of their money into 1st/2nd party exclusives. Not DLC and advertising.

Amir513796d ago

They might have the right, but doing it lost them a lot of dignity and respect. It was a petty action and came across desperate in my eyes.

And at the end of the day, its debatable how much effect it had, seeing that the attach rate on both consoles was pretty much the same.

And im not saying its just pathetic when microsoft do it, if sony come out and say we paid 50 million for FF13 DLC then they lose just as much dignity.

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mrv3213796d ago

They have all the right to make content exclusive, it's their money afterall, it's stupid for them to spend 50 million on two pieces of DLC instead of making games.

What really annoyed me is the fact Microsoft closed down a studio the one for making Halo Wars which is a good game. That what really gets to me, how Microsoft can fire hundreds of people just after releasing their game while spending 50 million on DLC.

giovonni3796d ago

It should piss you off when the unemployment rate is at an all time high rate period point blank. It's MS's choice to do what they want with their money. This same distasteful feeling you have for MS should go across the board for companies like Tyco, Worldcom etc. Businesses have been closing parts of their company and pouring money into others for years. Which goes to show you it's all about the money. Sony has laid off people restructured this is life. I really think if Sony would have reached deep in their pockets and secured the DLC their wouldn't be so much complaining

mrv3213796d ago

I agree, but Sony would have it's 20 first party studios, Microsoft is seriously lacking in that area.

ceedubya93796d ago

to put a lot of time and money into first party studios. Sony has built their studios up over 3 generations of consoles. It was only mid-late in the PS2 life that Sony's console was not leaning on 3rd party games. Only now are they really cranking out 1st and 2nd party franchises that rival Nintendo.

Investing in new IPS and 1st party studios is risky and can really hurt you if they don't pan out. It seems like Microsoft is taking the safe approach and mostly going to what sells instead of trying the unknown. A lot of people bash them for being unoriginal, but they are still growing as a game company and are only on their 2nd console.

skeletonss3796d ago

When you got the joker dlc for batman

THE MAX SPEED 213796d ago


but but we got The Jokerz!!!!!

pippoppow3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

That's wrong too. I'd be pissed if a game I really liked and thought great wasn't getting DLC on my platform of choice and I shelled out the same $60 as another gamer playing the same game on another platform. It's wrong. I know some will subscribe to the rewarding of selfishness and greed that business ideology is built upon especially when it benefits them but sooner or later it won't. I'm sure 360 fans would not like it if the PS3 was the one to get GTA4 and Fallout3 DLC. All companies are guilty in this regard but the major blame lies with the Devs who take the offer and turn their backs on a certain segment of their fans.

Tinted Eyes3796d ago

Because an extra character is just like an entire expansion, I like your logic.

Noctis Aftermath3796d ago

Are you refering to the author of this article? if so you completely missed the point he was making.

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