SFX-360: Spore Hero Arena Preview

SFX-360 writes: "When Spore spawned onto PCs back in 2008 it offered unparalleled creature creation options in a game that played Creator similar to Sid Meyer's Civilization. Now comes the latest spin-off game hot off the presses, Spore Hero Arena, the second Spore creation for the DS handheld.

Spore addicts will delight in the affirmed fact that this is an entirely new game and not just a gimmicky add-on. As with all the Spore games, the main idea focuses on the red crystals that have fallen from the sky and ended up in the wrong hands. As you evolve from simple lifeform to an advanced specie, you explore the world around your feet in search of these mysterious crystals. Special to Arena is the new battle gameplay that is-act surprised now-centered in an arena. Crash-landing on foreign planets, your critter will be groomed for battle against the galaxy's most nefarious fighters for control of these crystals..."

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