Monster Madness Q&A

GameAlmighty chats with Jeremy Stieglitz of Artificial Studios about their upcoming monstrous action game:

"Many of the previous titles I worked on were heavily based in realism, and there was not a chance to go completely over the top with the weapons, characters, environments, or enemies. Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia is an original IP where everything is kooky, over the top, and pretty much anything goes. When Artificial was working on the game, if anyone has an idea about what would make a cool weapon (a toy monkey that bangs cymbals, anyone?) it could actually be considered without any other constraints. For example, SouthPeak sponsored a design-a-monster contest where people could submit an image and backstory for a monster to be included in the game. SouthPeak selected two winners (one from the US and one from the UK), and these monsters are included in the game. So all-in-all it's a lot of fun."

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