New 3D Dot Game Heroes shots get custom, feature English

SCRAWL: "Another batch of 3D Dot Game Heroes shots have been released today, displaying some use of the character creation system in the game, such as in the image shown in this post. Also in the shots, you'll see one image (hint, the first one) that features English lettering in the description whereas other images show Japanese lettering."

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Kamikaze1353794d ago

I hope there's enough English in the game to be able to import it. I refuse to stick to online guides =/

callahan093794d ago

Depends on the guide. I played White Knight Chronicles and Yakuza 3 with online English guides. Was a pretty good experience in both cases, actually. The WKC guide was kinda crap, but it gave me a nice jumping off point then I had to fill in the blanks myself. The Yakuza 3 guide was phenomenally helpful though.