Shortest Sega announcement ever

"We tried not to give it all away in the strapline but that's pretty much all the info Sega's Valkyria Chronicles 'announcement' held. You can tell it's Friday afternoon.

Here's the FULL announcement. Don't read it too quick":

"Today, Sega announces new downloadable content for Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. 'Challenges from Team Edy' will test your strategy skills in all new missions! The DLC content will be available Winter 2010."

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umair_s513797d ago

I think they mean Q1 2010. I hope its great DLC

Lightsaber3796d ago

Deviant when I seen winter 2010 I was like wtf too.

Arsenal4Ever3797d ago

I think they mean Winter as in Early 2010 Jan-March.

TheColbertinator3797d ago

Thats cool.I'll check it out when it arrives.Knowing this.sales might jump up again when the DLC arrives

Ravage273797d ago

Edy is my fav female character in the game :3

akaFullMetal3796d ago

i need to go buy this game, arrrggggggggggggggg, no monizes

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The story is too old to be commented.