Titan Studios announce first DLC for Fat Princess

The Lost Gamer writes "In a quick post on Titan Studios' Blog, they have announced today the first piece of DLC to be available to all those that are enjoying the delights of fattening up Princess' with cake."

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thor3788d ago


This might just get me playing again.

Though if it costs, I wonder how many will be playing it after a week or two. With these smaller games it often happens like that. For this reason, I hope it is free.

Nitrowolf23788d ago

This game is freaken great. I hope these are free.

marcus j3788d ago

You will have to pay i bet since there is a playstation store link to fat princess in the game.

Godmars2903788d ago

Really hope they add a game browser.

Been wanting to get a soccer game together, but I can't even make a game.

thor3788d ago

Yes I agree.

It sucks that in this day and age, we're FORCED to use sh1tty matchmaking for our games. Warhawk has it almost perfect, for instance. I can filter and sort out of ALL the games going on, to find the perfect one for ME, based on ping, gametype, player count etc. No matter how good matchmaking is, it will NEVER know exactly what I want, even if it has options. I might be annoyed that I've been unable to find a decent match, so I'll settle for one with higher ping, so long as it's Soccer. I might be annoyed that players kept lagging in front of me in other games, so I'll play whatever game so long as my ping is low. Matchmaking can't determine what mood I'm in. In any case, there may be 5 games that are "suitable", but if I can see a list at least I can choose one based on little differences like map, time remaining, # of bots, rather than being forced into the first game it can find.

rockleex3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Is the ability to turn off vehicles for a pure man to man combat.

The ability to modify which guns will be available on a map.


thor3787d ago

Actually there are plenty of layouts where vehicles are not available, but I see where you are coming from.

Saaking3788d ago

DL Game of the Year! Only on PS3.

wxer3788d ago

Fat Princess >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>> xbox360 and every game on it

Tee7soo3788d ago

is this game any good ?
cus i'm really thinking of buying it .

Szarky3788d ago

Really good.

But you need a mic to fully enjoy the game. I could see it being a bit frustrating without one (at least for me it would be). This game is all about teamwork.

I spent more time on this game than most retail disc games.

Persistantthug3788d ago

What really is there to think about?

JonnyBigBoss3788d ago

It's a great game with great classes and teamwork elements.

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The story is too old to be commented.