Kombo: Active Life: Extreme Challenge Review

Kombo writes: "Most mini-game compilations are a boring fare. You swing the Wii-mote this way, you waggle it that way and all the games boil down to the same experience. Not true with Active Life. There is a mat that comes with the game that looks like a cross between an old NES Power Pad and a DDR Dance Mat that separates Active Life from the rest of the crowd. Throughout the course of gameplay, you'll be sitting down on it, hopping on it, stomping on it and using it in conjunction with the Wii-mote for a few games. The tag team approach style of the mat is nice so you don't clutter up your living room with yet another peripheral when more than one person plays.

The cell-shaded visuals are very appealing on the Wii. Years down the road this game will retain its unique visual style. You can import your Mii so you can have a virtual you playing the games. The target audience for the game is on the front of the box. For that generation, there is plenty to enjoy but don't let that spoil the fun for older games, sitting on the floor pounding the buttons to make the street luge turn was admittedly fun..."

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