Square Enix shows off game slate

TOKYO, Japan--Square Enix is going to be busy over the coming months--it has six new titles coming, including Chocobo's Dungeon: Toki Wasure No Meikyuu for the Wii, along with The Last Remnant for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, and two Star Oceans for the PlayStation Portable. The company announced the new games at a press conference at its corporate headquarters in Tokyo's Shinjuku district today. The event, attended by over 100 members of the worldwide press, was timed to precede the Square Enix Festival to be held at the Makuhari Messe this weekend. There, the Japanese publisher will be inviting the public to check out its current titles and get sneak peeks at upcoming games.

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midgard2295001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

square-enix is going crazy this year, they made alot for ps2, but now they are kickin it into high gear for the new generation. heres a list of games that they are working on. fantasy 13 (ps3) fantasy Versus 13 (ps3) fantasy 13 agito (mobile) fantasy 1 remake (psp) fantasy 2 remake (psp) fantasy VII crisis core (psp) fantasy Dissidia(psp) fantasy 4 remake (DS)
9.kingdom hearts game (psp/DS) ocean one remake (PSP) ocean 2 remake (PSP) ocean 4 (Ps3 and possible 360)
13.infinite undiscovery (360)
14.Last Remnant (ps3/360)
15.Chocobo's Dungeon: Toki Wasure No Meikyuu (Wii)
16.Dragonquest IX (ds)
17.Dragonquest Sword (Wii)
18.and Haeraes which is unknown of to public

is it me or like i said square-enix is goin crazy this year? lol alot of final fantasy's, but also alot of other games too, and some new franchises, im sure we are all happy as square is being generous to all consoles even cellphones :P

P.S. The star ocean remakes will all be done in full 3d, and have reworked cinematics. this is also the first time the U.S gets Star ocean 1

PS360WII5001d ago

19. FF CC (DS)
20. FF CC (Wii)
21. It's a Wonderful World (DS)
22. FF Tactics (PSP)
23. FF Tactics A2 (DS)

BIadestarX5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

What genre is infinite undiscovery (360)?
Strange... square is no longer ignoring the 360... weird... I wonder what change their mind.

midgard2295001d ago

its an rpg, action type, but i heard its supposed to be HUGE!!!! like really HUGE. made by the guys who did star ocean and valkyrie profile. so the battle system should be good. i heard it may strongly support online too. They are actually working with microsoft to produce the game.

PS360WII5001d ago

not to much is known about infinite undiscovery except that it is one odd name for sure. It's kind of hard for any dev to ignore 360 seeing that it has 10 million users out there (still growing) and all seem to like to buy games. What's the attachment up to now 5.6 or something?

Elginer5001d ago

love to buy games and lots of them. Why? I have no idea but that console has one huge attache rate. I'm guessing there is 2 reasons why the PS3 has such an abysmal one.

1- not a lot of games to actually get
2- blu-ray player

I guess that a lot PS3 owners are using their PS3 as a rocking movie player which is cool, but I think people are buying more movies then games. Which is why blu-ray sales are growing like nuts and game sales not soo much. Hopefully with some more exclusives and some good PS3 games it can fix that.

Infinite Undiscovery looks interesting from what I saw and have read. I just really hope that Star Ocean goes multi-platform. That game would be rocking online. A dream would be PS3 and Xbox 360 players online together...but that's never gonna happen. Shame too.

midgard2295001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

im for the 360 as well but come on, the 360 has a year ahead, did u forget it had nothing in the begining aswell??? dont say anything bout a system that is barley 6 months old with a ton of good games being developed but not out. unless u want rushed games, then wait for the goodstuff. it happens to every system when it launches. ps3 only lost devil may cry, thats one exclusive so i dunno what people mean by its losing exclusives.

Warhawk, heavenly sword, Mgs4, final fantasy 13, ff13 versus, white knight story and more are all exclusive and do out 2007-2008, so just hold on, wait for the price drop and good games to role on in.

you also forget 360 lost alot of exclusives aswell, Unreal tournament, its losing dead or alive, DOA5 will also be on ps3, they lost oblivion, lost ninja gaiden, enchant arms and a few others. so dont be one sided, lets just be happy that the good games are coming out, rather than what system is better