First Nascar 08 Footage

The first gameplay footage of Nascar 08 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS2.

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romaink4179d ago

does anyone know who sang that song?

USMChardcharger4179d ago

one gripe i have always had with EA's version of NASCAR is the wrecks and damage. the roll cage would be just about the only thing left on that car flipping...and yet, not one thing flies off that car.

Skizelli4179d ago

I agree. But 08 still looks pretty good. And you can't really judge damage from a video, for a lot of racers these days allow you to adjust the level of damage. Hopefully we'll be treated to some spectacular damage effects like you're referring to, though. :D One thing I loved about NASCAR Thunder was the sense of speed. It looks like that will be present in 08. This game definitely has my attention.

USMChardcharger4179d ago

Well, hopefully your right and we will see some serious debris flying everywhere. i always hated the damage...just too forgiving. but it follows EA's more arcade feel than sim feel.

sounds like they are heading the right direction though...over 40 tuning options on the set up.

i just hope they allow for total pit control. it would be neat to see weather effect set ups from practice to race day too.

little things i hope they bring back are the American Anthem and the fly overs...that's just NASCAR, lol.
let's also hear "GENTAL MAN, START YOUR ENGINES" well...with engines roaring to life...will sound good on the old surround sound.

DR-IVO4179d ago

I always wanted a nascar game. but last few games didnt catch my attention to purchase one.

nascar 08 defiently does.

lil bush4179d ago

looks pretty damn good if ya ask me.........