Spider-Man 3 sports some very scary-looking character models

Ben Kuchera from Ars Technica have been playing Spider-Man 3 on the PlayStation 3 for the past few days getting ready for the review. It's not a pretty game, but he had been able to get past the graphical problems pretty quickly, although the framerate is problematic in very odd places.

What really kills him are the character models during the cutscenes. It's like freakish, plastic mannequins were given life, but their eyeballs have been partially pushed out of their skulls. Don't believe me?

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timmyp534178d ago

haha... he said it was nightmarish/terrifying.

spacetoilet4177d ago

Everyone knows by now that film license games are not real games. Just a pile of crap rushed out and purchased by kids who like the movies.
Sadly they sell tons of em, so thats why they keep pumping this $hite out. :(

btkadams4177d ago

lol i played the game and thought that was the best part. the eyes were so messed up its awesome. decent game, 2 was better though

PS360PCROCKS4177d ago

I actually thought the second one was good and alot of other people did too. This one tho is getting bashed like their is no tomorrow, lol. Plus I agree with #1 I was cracking up just as hard.

Logan4177d ago

I basically bought this game because I love to swing around new york, if you love to swing around like you did in spiderman 2, then this game will be fun, I havent beat it yet, but it seems like im having more fun with the game now then I did when I was playing it in the beginning, im not all that crazy about being the green goblin though, he doesent have too many commands, I dunno he is kind of boring. I would suggest renting this game first before buying it.

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