The Worst Spider-Man Games Of All Time

TechRaptor's Dan Hodges writes, "With Insomniac's highly promising Spider-Man right around the corner, let's revisit some of the web-slinger's worst video game outings."

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UCForce70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Don’t forget about Spider Man 2 The PC Version which is worse than the console version. Web of Shadow PS2 version is also the worse than PS3/X360.

Edito70d ago

It's just me or the title is misleading?

UnSelf70d ago

at first read it appears so, but no it's grammatically sound

Inzo70d ago

Best Spider Man game to date has to be Spider Man 2.
Worst Spider Man game to date I will have to go with The Amazing Spider Man 2.

vork7770d ago

i like The Amazing Spider-Man 1 game

antz110470d ago

Me too, totally doesnt belong on the list.

GoldeneyeOO770d ago

The absolute WORST Spider Man game is, by far, the PSVR installment. I'd have more fun playing with dog shit than that game.