Wing Commander Arena: The Sean Penney Interview

It's been quite a while since there's been a true Wing Commander game for either PCs or consoles, the franchise is making it's return in the form of an Xbox Live Arcade title. Wing Commander Arena is a departure from the usual 3D space combat sim, and falls into the realm of an arcade style multiplayer shooter. GameInformer chatted with the title's Producer and Designer Sean Penney to get the backstory, feature set, the reaction from the fanbase, and the potential of seeing a new full fledged next-gen Wing Commander title.

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Pheneus4490d ago

how I have missed you.

G_CodeMonkey4490d ago

Darn it, M$--too much gaming goodness for hours in the day.. Oh how I love thee (XBOX360, not the corporation--that'd just be sick)... gCM