The Simpson's Next-Gen: Gameplay (offscreen)

Here is an early gameplay video from IGN for The Simpson's {Next-Gen}, which is due for release later this year.

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this game is not very next gen

wildcat4179d ago

I think it correlates with the whole Simpsons movie in 2D theme.

techie4179d ago

I'm SOOOO pleased it's like the cartoon. I was hoping so much that they didnt make it 3d. Thank GOD! Just what a Simpson's game should look like.

techie4179d ago

no it's 2d style. The simpsons is "3d"...but this perfectly makes the balance

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TriggerHappy4179d ago

the fack would want to play simpson in 3d ? i mean come on man, I prefer to have the cartoony feel to it so it reflects the show.

I dont want to be playing with any rubber looking game characters

Saint Sony4179d ago

I think it looked really good in that video, this kind of game has to be done in 3D. Nice cartoon shader, looks like the show. I like it.

AppleSlime4179d ago

But the camera seems like it could get to be annoying at times.

hamburgerhill4179d ago

This looks like a good Simpson game which is very surprising! I hope it's online multiplayer and come's out this summer rather than the holidays!