Rumored PS Store Content for 09/03/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"This week, we will be getting a couple downloadable games. NBA2K10 Draft Combine will be hitting this week. The US PS Store will be getting Battle Tanks which EU received last week. Also Capcom's Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable (review coming soon) will be available for download. Lastly we hope to see some more Dynamic Themes, as well as some premium Avatars. Trine has re-entered Sony's Q&A testing process, so there is a chance we will finally get it this week."

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doctorstrange4398d ago

looks like a average week, battle tanks sounds fun but there is nothing that truly catches my eye

Cajun Chicken4398d ago

Still no Bomberman Ultra on EU store. At this rate, I'm beginning to give up. It's getting like waiting for PAIN in 2007, now that was pretty ridiculous.

The_Devil_Hunter4398d ago

Meh. Nothing that catches my eye here. Thank you anyway.

Megaton4398d ago

If Fallout 3 Broken Steel comes out this week, I'll be happy.

RAAAAAGE4398d ago

Just so you know the online for bomberman is awful. Most of the time you can't kill another and the matchs will just end in draws.

Carl14124398d ago

Tell me about it Cajun. I doubt i will buy it now, i lose interest if they take too long to get through SCEE's crap.

Still interested in Trine though - wish they would hurry the hell up and approve it. How much testing does it need?

HammockGames4398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

I'm still waiting on Trine. I don't want to pay the premium price for the PC version. Whatever bug(s) they're dealing with, they better break out the RAID soon.

Edit: Here's a link on the Trine update. Doesn't exactly pin down a release date...

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SuperStrokey11234398d ago

Hope there are some new back grounds that take advantage of 3.0. Some that are free would be great too lol

bunbun7774398d ago

Fallout 3 DLC? that would be sweeeeeeet.

Szarky4398d ago

PixelJunk Shooter seems to be really laying low. I guess maybe at TGS they'll announce something.

Aquarius4398d ago

I hope there's a significant number of dynamic themes that are resonbably priced. SONY messed up by not having a free trial for LBP.

I wonder what the new avatars will look like.

Will they be small ones and big ones, considering its confined in a box now :(

nycredude4398d ago

We'll see if Sony messed up with LBP theme when the attach rate is know. I personally bought it. If you want a free one create a japan account and download the Africa them (off the hook).

I doubt it cost much to make these themes so If a decent amount of people (likely) purchase it then they will make money, and that is what they are in the industry for.

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The story is too old to be commented.