Namco Not Happy With PS3 Sales, Announce Plans

Namco-Bandai has released an announcement regarding their software plans for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. Namco-Bandai cites slower than expected sales of the PlayStation 3 leading them to a less-than-projected sales mark of 300,000 for Gundam Musou (the Gundam beam 'em up that plays like Dynasty Warriors). Namco-Bandai's original prediction for the game was 500,000 sold.

"PS3 did not make a good start, which will make the transition from the old game console to the next generation system more prolonged than we had earlier thought. "This will keep a lid on sales of our video games in the first half, although we believe that sales of PS3 will increase in the second half (to March 2008)," Namco-Bandai president Takeo Takasu said.

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Violater5280d ago

Way to spin a title, Kudos

XxZxX5280d ago

it's gear who wrote this, what do you expect :D

ItsDubC5280d ago

Regardless of Gears' "console allegiance", the title is copied word-for-word from the source, which happens to be a PS3 fan site.

Gears5280d ago

I just copied and pasted for the source. Don't get all defensive over a shiny black box.

XxZxX5280d ago

opps my bad.. my apology to Gears.

ArduousAndy5280d ago

Now I'm no big city lawyer, me, I'm just a simple X-box player.

But it seems to me that nobody bought Gundam cause it sucked hard.

peksi5280d ago

..I think the Gundam series isn't that great, like the earlier guy said. And from what I've seen from the new Musou it looked strange. 1500 mechs being bumped by the player's character and doing nothing. Seems just like another strange japanese title... perverted people they are indeed. But I have great expectations from PS3 hardware and hope to see great games with deeper plots.

ItsDubC5279d ago

lol, I simply stated the fact that the title was copied word-for-word from the source and 3 ppl disagreed w/ me? I feel like I'm dealing w/ children here.

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ITR5280d ago

"With that in mind, Namco-Bandai has announced that they have plans to release 23 PlayStation 3 games for fiscal 2008 (March 2007-March 2008). The Xbox 360 will see 24 games during the same period, and the Nintendo Wii will receive 37."

37 Wii games!
No Spiderman 3 crap, please.

ItsDubC5280d ago

Ya that's pretty surprising as I always associated Namco w/ Sony. Namco releasing more Wii titles than PS3 titles because they are displeased w/ PS3 sales sorta makes them look money-hungry. It's probably wise from a business standpoint, but it kinda makes them look bad to "ditch" Sony like that.

The fact that they are planning 23 PS3 games and 24 360 games leads me to believe that these will simply be cross-platform titles for the most part.

With lower game development costs, it makes sense that Namco (or any other dev for that matter) would be able to pump out more Wii titles than PS3/360 titles, so I'm eager to see what they have planned and am keeping my fingers crossed that the titles aren't garbage.

SomeAnalyst5280d ago

This week in Japan Wii software outsold PS3 software 33:1 !!
Even 360 software outsold PS3 software!

bigmack5280d ago (Edited 5280d ago )

ok, why is Namco-Bandai mad at sony? its there own fault for bringing out crappy games like Gundam. MSGundam games always suck. They should be mad at themselfs. I have the ps3 and i've tried them. they do suck.

VirtualGamer5280d ago

Exactly! Funny RFoM and Motorstorm sold just fine because they are great games.

Yo developers! If you want your games to sell make them more then just average!

This service announcement brought to you by "GAMERS"

Firewire5280d ago

I agree, the majority of there games suck! How about they develop something
new and interesting!
The only 2 good titles I see from them is RR7 (current) & Tekken 6
in the fall or early next year!

Razzy5280d ago

Yeah really. They're upset that thier a$$tastic Gundam didn't sell? I can just imagine the garbage games they're developing for the Wii.

kewlkat0075280d ago (Edited 5280d ago )

RFoM and Motorstorm sold fine becasue there is nothing else decent to play. Nevertheless, I didn't think a FPS would sell as well on a PS3. Than again...yeah like I just said

XxZxX5280d ago

correction my foot, no decent games to play. obviously this guy don't own a PS3 for sure, he has no idea what he is talking about.

TheExecutive5280d ago

lol kewlkat you just named two good games for the PS3... Motorstorm is a blast. Play it sometime. RFOM is a blast. Play it sometime.

ITR5280d ago

Gundam Musou isn't the same game as Gundam Crossfire.

Gundam Musou is probably the best MSG game to date.
GameSpot gave it an 8.9.

VirtualGamer5280d ago

Well I guess the same could be said for Gears of War then since there is nothing as good on the 360. That must be why it sold so good if we go by your logic.. I would rather say it was an amazing game and thats why it got the sales it did. Stop trying to twist things and just accept that gamers should want developers to make great games. There is far to many average games being produced and for $60 bucks I am only buying the best ones. And sorry to say but Gundam is not one of them.

kewlkat0075280d ago (Edited 5280d ago )

I'm just stating the obvious, it aighn't hard to tell. Well why do you think I do not currently own a PS3. Exactly. MY ass is still waiting, as most gamers I know.

It is what it sugar coating anything here, the PS3 is lacking great games, right now and those 2 games served a purpose. The only games worth to buy, I might add.

EDIT: Virtual GAMER,I knew you would bring Xbox360 into this. I'll stick to the subject. I gots no time to dabble game for game. Let the fanboys do that. Go ahead and see which games are more HIGHLY RATED for the PS3 and Xbox 360 early on.

I'm stating the obvious, its Ok to disagree, after all, it is what it is for the PS3.

All the Sudden NAMCO Sucks, and one Game is to BLAME. Ever think blaming Sony for not selling enough Consoles? That right, not selling like it should.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ----------------
EDIT: Virtual Gamer #3.11 , Yes unlike that guy below, I see what you are saying, The thing is DEVELOPERS have to understand the installment-Base is not the same as it was 10 years ago. So they should not be putting all their EGGS into one BASKET.
When a new Console is coming out, besides all the hype, SONY has not delivered (and you can disagree), so taking a risk early on in a console's life-cycle is still a big one.

Good point about SONIC,which brings me to, if a game did not sell well, even with the Developer not throwing all their EGGS into one BASKET, Of course the game must not be great. But when you support just SONY(which have had a huge installment-base the last 10 years), and have had plenty of success, you would Expect the Market leader to do their part. That my friend has not happened.

My point is, if this was like 6 years ago, that game everybody claims that sucks would of probably sold enough to break even. This time around it's not the case and it has a little more to do then just the game sucks or NAMCO is GARBAGE.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ -----------------------

XxZxX5280d ago

hey guess what, I'm stating the obvious too.

VirtualGamer5280d ago (Edited 5280d ago )

No bro your not getting what I am saying. This is not a console war issue. That's why I brought an example for the 360. This is about any developer making a game for any system regardless of the install base. If they make a great game it will sell. Simple really, not complicated. Yes RFoM and Motorstorm are the 2 best games for the PS3 right now but had more of the games release been better then they could have also been up there with them and sold as well. Heck as PS3 owners and people who have not purchased one yet, we would like nothing better then to have more great games but the developers did not deliver. So they can blame the install base all they want but again had they made a great game they easily could have sold over a million copies as 2 great games did. Your going to argue Sonic did not sell well due to the install base or the fact it was crap?

And for the record I never said Namco sucked. I never said anything against Namco or any other developer. All I said is that as a developer if you want to sell copies of your game make it great and you won't have to worry.

gowarriors5280d ago

XxZxX is right, Kewl definately a XBOX 360 owner. He is unaware that oblivion, F1 CE, Virtual Fighter 5, NBA Street Homecourt, Motorstorm, Ridge Racer 7, ROFM, Fight Round 3, The GodFather, NBA 2K7. All these are pretty decent games for PS3 to play. Get a PS3 for god sake.

kewlkat0075280d ago (Edited 5280d ago )

with 80% of that list of yours with games that are already on a 360, and R:FOM, and Motorstorm on there being the best games out there, umm

I don't see your point. That list haven't proved much about the PS3 having better games as of now, for which why them 2 games are so highly thought of and praised. With one being a FPS at that.

I remember at one point Ps3 gamers wanted nothing to do with FPS's. When you have nothing, the tune changes rather quick.

Plus you already know, if you ready my post why I don't have a PS3. If not then rehearse you list and read above..

hulk_bash19875280d ago

@ Kewlkat
Okay its one thing to state that RFoM and Motorstorm only sold well because they were the only good games out taking no account to the fact that they were good games. But how can u state something like "at one point PS3 gamers didnt want anything to do with FPS games", when one, you dont own a PS3, and two, Resistance was the most anticipated PS3 launch game and the reason I bought a PS3 during the lauch window and it was a FPS. And I was excited about this game when it was still known as I-8, 2 years prior to the PS3 launch.

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fenderputty5280d ago (Edited 5280d ago )

lol .... the "plan" is to release almost as many games on the PS3 as the 360. Sounds like they're not too upset after all.

PhinneousD5280d ago

namco is jumpin ship and developing for the 60 as well... they realize that the 60 is simpler to transfer over and might have better luck. yay! games for everyone!

techie5280d ago

put that tip up 2hours ago...except we get a sh*tty fanboy version of the news. Great.

Diselage5280d ago

No body cares about the news, they only care about news that makes a certain console look good or bad.