Gauntlet II Review

IGN post what they think of Gauntlet II. They say how 21 years after it first debuted in arcades, the follow-up to one of the most successful dungeon crawlers of all time may have flashes of fun, but it doesn't pack nearly as much punch as it used to.

For five bucks, Gauntlet II isn't the worst deal on the PlayStation Store, but its repetition and lack of extras don't make it the best one either. There are much newer and more interesting options already available for roughly the same amount of money (flOw, Lemmings, and Mortal Kombat II to name a few) and the poorly-executed online options absolutely seal its fate. Unless you're a diehard Gauntlet maniac, your attention is better served elsewhere.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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Arkham4491d ago

It's freakin' Gauntlet for chrissakes. Not a AAA game.

paracardium4491d ago

20 year old game with a lack of options and online play.The people who write these are retarded. They'd probably same the same anout Dig Dug online.

PhinneousD4491d ago

ps should be more hesitant on the crap that goes on the psn.