New Saint's Row Footage

An amusing new video of Saint's Row showcasing some hilarious gunfights with pimps and car-vs-pedestrian physics.

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OutLaw6172d ago

I better stop BSing and put my down payment on the game.

Cyclonus6172d ago

This is a day one purchase for me. The physics look great. I liked the car exploding and landing in the water.

Saint's Row is gonna be hella fun on Live!

Gamer136172d ago

Looks realy good - and graphics and gameplay seem to be on point, even free roaming the city doing alot of crazy stuff will be fun.

USMChardcharger6172d ago (Edited 6172d ago )

they said it would be GTA with a lot of improvements. (i like that they just came out and said it)

i like how you can shoot to the front and to the back of the car.

looking good, but most important...FUN.

PS360PCROCKS6172d ago

this game will consume me, lol I love GTA

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