New Saint's Row Footage

An amusing new video of Saint's Row showcasing some hilarious gunfights with pimps and car-vs-pedestrian physics.

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OutLaw6527d ago

I better stop BSing and put my down payment on the game.

Cyclonus6527d ago

This is a day one purchase for me. The physics look great. I liked the car exploding and landing in the water.

Saint's Row is gonna be hella fun on Live!

Gamer136527d ago

Looks realy good - and graphics and gameplay seem to be on point, even free roaming the city doing alot of crazy stuff will be fun.

USMChardcharger6527d ago (Edited 6527d ago )

they said it would be GTA with a lot of improvements. (i like that they just came out and said it)

i like how you can shoot to the front and to the back of the car.

looking good, but most important...FUN.

PS360PCROCKS6527d ago

this game will consume me, lol I love GTA

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Saints Row - Where it All Began

Saints Row made its debut nearly 20 years ago, and while the game has aged its still worth playing on modern consoles.

banger8871d ago

Back when games had balls. Now they still have balls, but also lipstick and a dress.

kevco3370d ago

Or an angry purple streak in their hair to demonstrate they're a rebel.