PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for September: Saints Row, Black Desert, Generation Zero

New pricing changes to PlayStation Plus 12-Month plans.

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-Ghost318d ago

"starting September 6 we will be increasing the price for PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions globally across all benefit plans. This price adjustment will enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service."

Here are the new prices for PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription plans.

PlayStation Plus Essential 12-Month Subscription
79.99 USD | 71,99 Euro | 59.99 GBP | 6,800 Yen

PlayStation Plus Extra 12-Month Subscription
134.99 USD | 125,99 Euro | 99.99 GBP | 11,700 Yen

PlayStation Plus Premium 12-Month Subscription
159.99 USD | 151,99 Euro | 119.99 GBP | 13,900 Yen

sparky77318d ago

Insane price hikes I guess they have to make their money back from the hardware price cuts from somewhere.

DaCajun317d ago

Guess I'll have to move to PC only gaming. This is getting ridiculous.

S2Killinit317d ago

I wonder why MS raised their gamepass prices too. They didnt even give us a console price drop.

crazyCoconuts318d ago

Big increases. Interesting they're only changing the annual not monthly.
Still a lot cheaper than GamePass but the difference isn't as stark anymore...

ModsDoBetter318d ago

Game Pass annual - $60
Base version of PS Plus - $80

"Still a lot cheaper than GamePass"?

Crows90318d ago


You should double check your numbers on the Xbox side.

Christopher318d ago

@olMyetslo: that's Game Pass Core, not Game Pass.

ModsDoBetter317d ago (Edited 317d ago )


No, its base gamepass when compared to PS Plus Essential.

If we're talking about GamePass ultimate, then the fair comparison would be the top tier of PS Plus, which is now more expensive than Ultimate.

S2Killinit317d ago

Yes Plus is still way cheaper than Gamepass.
Check the current pricing.

Ashunderfire86317d ago

I was shocked so your saying that they didn’t change the monthly? That what plan I picked for PA Plus Premium.

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lelo2play318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

This is the result of no real competition. Sony can increase their prices all they want because they know their gamers will pay those new prices.

BTW, Sony fanboys were making fun of Microsoft's increased prices... I wonder how they feel now.

crazyCoconuts318d ago

Well the competition (MS) is already way pricier, if that's what you mean by no competition. Sony obviously has competition so I don't know what you mean

bangoskank318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

We have no choice. Can't play games like Diablo IV without PS Plus. If it weren't for that and having to access saves in cloud storage I wouldn't even bother.

TOTSUKO318d ago

Gamepass in general is bad. In a future where subscription based service only exist the annual will need to be $300+ a year to keep triple A games relevant. It’s killing Triple A. Devs aren’t gonna make great games to sell gamers to pay premium when services are paying their dev cost just to make a quick profit. Disgusting.

Hofstaderman318d ago

We cool, we actually buy games and are not dependent on these services.

CrimsonWing69317d ago

I’m pretty sure Microsoft is their competition 🙄

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darthv72318d ago

"Sony said for current 12-month subscribers, this price increase will not take effect until your next renewal date that occurs on or after November 6. However, any membership changes you make on or after September 6, such as upgrades, downgrades or buying additional time, will update your plan reflecting the new prices."

Anyone who already has a 12mo plan that is not set to expire until after these dates can extend their time before the deadline for just $99. Mine expires next year in January but I can add another year to it if I buy by 9/5.

seanpitt23318d ago

Rip off especially in a cost of living crisis how do Sony justify this.. giving us saints row one of the worse rated games haha

KyRo318d ago

As a bit of Playstation fan since the PS1, Sony has been making questionable decisions for a while now. The PS4 the hit it put the park and smashed the last generation but as time goes on, it's starting to feel like the arrogant, "we're untouchable" Sony is coming back.

I'll always favor Sony even if I own both consoles but I hope Xbox finally pulls its socks up and brings some competition again.

Wintersun616318d ago

@KyRo "The PS4 the hit it put the park"
I'm sorry but I got an aneurysm trying to understand you.

ModsDoBetter318d ago


Seems like only yesterday that they just increased it and yet here we are again.

seanpitt23318d ago

Yeah that's why I want Microsoft to do well even though I am a Sony guy.. it pains me to see Microsoft keep failing with there bad management and lack of innovation.. Sony are getting too confident and with absolute no competition they are starting to take the piss and its all about the money and not the games.. only GAAS bullshit

shadowT318d ago

Sony serious? The prices are ridiculous.

ChasterMies318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Oof. Unfortunately the benchmark is set by Microsoft and Game Pass Ultimate still costs a lot more than PS+ Premium. $80/year is asking a lot to be able to play on-line. All on-line gaming should be free on both consoles. My current plan runs out in 2025 [Edit, 2026] so that’s when I’ll get hit.

Christopher318d ago

That's a pretty large price increase there. Kind of hoping this tells people how expensive subscription gaming will be if it continues to centralize in such a manner. More Game More Costs.

RauLeCreuset318d ago

It should also make people consider what can happen if subs weaken or eliminate other options. These increases would be less of an issue, and possibly something Sony wouldn't have attempted, if there was still the ability to play online without a subscription. They are leveraging the elimination of that option to implement these price increases.