Official Playstation Magazine - Review Scores (UK) [October: Issue 36]

PS3 Vault:
"As we reported last month, OPM UK exclusively reviewed Batman: AA and gave a well deserved 9/10. This month, the OPM team have managed to secure the exclusive review of the highly anticipated sports title, FIFA 10."

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Cwalat5429d ago

Fifa 10, 9/10

wow... i kinda expected "too much like fifa 09, we give it 7/10"

Might look into this.

Baka-akaB5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

I dont see we could expect otherwise . The press has been in love with fifa for years , despite not bringing that much changes and quality in the area that matter : gameplay .

Maybe i'll get surprised this year , but while 08-09 were decent , even good games , all they did was the usual cosmetic and interfaces changes , and slapping one or two new gameplay features (like smokes ans mirrors with tricks on the second analog nub (thanks fight night ? ), as if it really was needed ) on a core gameplay that isnt really good or responsive .

At least i think 360 degrees controls will enhance the usually clunky and scripted experience .

So yeah , all thing considered , it's probably the best fifa yet ...

STEVIE_5429d ago

The chief editor is in love with PES, and FIFA 08 was given 6/10.

However, I believe that FIFA 09 and PES 09 were both given 9/10 last year. Things are on the up for FIFA, and OPM didn't give a particularly good preview for PES 10 either...

table5429d ago

Fifa hasn't been good since the 90s and PES hasn't been good since PES4. Konami and EA have both succeeded in squeezing every ounce of fun left out of their games. I don't trust this review score for a second, I'll stick to classic footy games that were actually fun to play. As you can tell from my tone, I'm quite pissed off but that is only because I wan't them to start making great footy games again.

locos855429d ago

I'll get Fifa on day ..... hold on. I was going to get it on day 1 but it comes out around the same time as Uncharted 2. Fifa will have to wait till Novemeber..... ugh again. Novemeber is for Assassin's Creed 2.

I guess December for Fifa......nope its GT5
January...... MAG
I guess February, hopefully it's on sale then.

Baka-akaB5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

Right now all i care about , is being able to actually control the team properly , so i could actually use tactics and strategy .

And no it hardly was the case of both franchise , even in the most beloved episodes . It was a rush to the goal line , with the occasional one-two pass , with the prospect in sight of placing your player in the best buggy area with a sure way to score or fool the gardian . I dont get the nostalgia for both fifa and pes episodes .. as each had the same flaws over and over , with only the gameplay slighly being changed

Fifa 08-09 introduced at least the sliders and strategy plannings features that PES now copies . but it hardly was important , as you could basically just run past everyone with your team's star , like christiano ronaldo with MU .
Teams without offense and physical advantage could win , but without any kind of trade off in cooperative play , techniques or whatever . it was just gimping yourself so you could "say he i can beat Barca with a lame team!"

At least this year both games seems to allow for effective cross and other strategic play .


Cross.. LOL... I'd like to say I have hope for it, but I'll just believe when I see. No footy game ever got crossing right. It's like the ball is supposed to be glued on the ground.

Actually, I'm pretty tired of footy games, I didn't take then yearly since PS2 was out. They just don't change enough and usually not on the parts that are main concern.

I got FIFA last year and I'll trade it in to get another footy game this year (be it FIFA or PES, don't know which yet) but there is a high chance this will be my last footy for sometime.

I don't care if the team changed troughout the year, if there is a new coach, if Ronaldo is no longer fat or changed team. Hell, I don't even care for new game modes or online... All I care is having fun and challenge with friends that come over some weekends for barbecue. But the gameplay fauls are hardly ever fixed, they only update the cost (from next gen to this), the statistics, the graphics, the features of competition and the number on the cover...

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byeGollum5429d ago

but hopefully they can both deliver great products, FIFA 10 on day 1 k? thanks

Baka-akaB5429d ago

Yeah both franchise will deliver this year . Judging from now a wide selection of gameplay footage , previews and reports , konami seems to have done with PES 2010 every thing they should have earlier and everything a newt gen solid football game should feature .

Now the remainign grey area is online , wich they obviously improved , but to an extent that remains to be seen and tested

kingdavid5429d ago

FIFA 10, the undisputed football game of this generation.

Now with over 100 stadiums and 1000 teams!

topdawg1225429d ago

Oh yeah, definitely the best sports game period. Day one purchase for me.

i like jam5429d ago

looking forward to fifa 10. just hope they iron out a few niggles from fifa 09.
the score from kick off is number 1. fu**ing annoying

STEVIE_5429d ago

Do you not trust the article, or do you want to avoid paying £5.99?

Either way, you're being a bit rude.

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I've looked and wished we never did get here.


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IamTylerDurden1453d ago

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MadLad493d ago

They definitely pushed the FPS genre into the mainstream.