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Kaz Gets New Job

Even with Sony's problems of late, it's nice to see someone in the company is moving up. Sony Computer Entertainment of America honcho Kaz Hirai has been named an executive vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment's corporate executive group. Ditto for SCE of Europe boss David Reeves. According to the company's website:

"Both Kazuo Hirai and David Reeves will be deeply involved in corporate strategy for the SCE Group from now on, in addition to handling business in North America and Europe."

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PS360PCROCKS6563d ago

Just as long as its not Kutaragi, maybe this is a way to shut him up since it looks like he'll be doing more of the talking.

OutLaw6563d ago

I was on the outside of the page trying to vote for Saint's Row.

PS3 Owns All6563d ago

I think Bill Gates should'nt even walk the stage since he runs like a b****! And that is awesome! Kaz Hirai is an awesome spokesman. He's my favorite Sony rep.

TheMART6563d ago

At least Bill Gates and his company earn big bucks.

Unlike Sony where they have a loss of almost 600 million dollar the first quarter of this year.

So Bill may walk where ever he likes. He knows how to pin this thing down

mephixto6563d ago

Link for such affirmation TheMArt and yeah, maybe sony have loss 600 millon dolar overall, but microsot loss 388 million only with the xbox360. Link

TheMART6563d ago

You have to be more specific.

Sony is loosing EACH QUARTER of this year and also 2005 between 500 and 600 million dollar!!! That's company overall. Just go back in history on this site it was all over it in it's article

Yes ofcourse MS lost money on units, because each unit is costing 175 dollar more then the consumer pays for it. BUT they get money back from

1. attach rate of games is 4.5 game per console x the profit Microsoft Studio makes on those games
2. extra hardware sold is average 3 pieces per console, imagine profits on that
3. XBOX Live with already 3 million people on there. People that will pay for their membership

Sony's PS2 had an attach rate of 1.9 game @ launch. Compare that. Sony can sell consoles, but how much loss stays on that?

Furthermore, every PS64 sold will give a loss of 300 dollar per unit.

If they sell 10 million units, that will be an abnormal

3 Billion dollars

To end with and be over with:

"Overall revenue for the company was noticeably more positive, with revenues up 13 per cent on the same quarter in 2005, at USD 10.9 billion, and overall profit showing an increase of 17 per cent at USD 3.89 billion for the quarter. The continued Home and Entertainment division expenditure has prompted the company to lower offer a reserved fourth quarter guidance of USD 11.5-11.7 billion, dipping below analysts projections and resulting in a slight drop in share price following the announcement."

And we're not talking about Sony here.
Bill knows how to get a company going. Sony knows how to get itself bankrupt

THE TRUTH6563d ago

How much did M$ lose in both Xbox and 360, then compare that to what Sony has made from Psone and PS2..... Don't come here with your links of loses from one quarter trying to prove something. If you wanna prove something show us the bodies of work.

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Cyclonus6563d ago

To what? Executive Vice Bullsh!tter?

Better get that Golden Parachute ready, Kaz!

TiTuS6563d ago

Okay maybe you guys think his an bs itter but he is trying to do something to get the price of the PS3 down for us but remember the Ps3 production cost of the PS3 is $715, dollars so 500 or 600 does,nt sound that bad considering the P cost of the Console, so its not easy to make a dicision to sell the PS3 for less than the P price....

TheMART6563d ago

bogus, production costs are 900 dollars.

THE TRUTH6563d ago

You and Real Deal are making ignorant statments about sony/PS3. You do't know the production costyour just assuming them and then adding more to the price. Are you sure you bought the right console, becuase it seems to me like you desperatly trying to confirm your chioce on 360 by talking as much sh%t as you can about PS3. IT's sad when you think about it.....sad

TheMART6563d ago

Well you want links here you have them 900 dollars mate

You are trying to pull it to the cheap side of 725 dollars but that won't happen maybe after some time, but @ launch and launch window they'll loose 300 dollars each unit

TiTuS6563d ago

Okay i dont know were you guys think you know what the P price is but I am shore and I saw and heard it once by the ceo himself with my own F*&&ing eye's, unless you guys can give me more proof than that then SHu up....
$715 dollars the end

TiTuS6563d ago

the $900 dollar estimation is really accurate i must say ,NOT------- hahaha but hey estimations are common to be correct once in a life time.... but thanxs for the proof though

ACE6563d ago

you both are funny fools keep going lol!!

brainwashed morrons

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joemutt6563d ago

In this months GI, he was asked what the effects would be on the PS3 if Blu-Ray didnt win the format war. His reply:

"How could that happen?"

The brilliant minds at Sony dont even have a back-up plan. They are acting like this is their first console.

Cyclonus6563d ago

These Sony guys,Stringer, Hirai, Kutaragi, and Harrison are scumbags.

Do you PS fans really want to give THESE guys your $600?!?!?!