NHL 07: Trading Places

The NHL offseason has already seen a flurry of activity. Names like Bertuzzi and Arnott are wearing new colors, skating for their chance to win the Cup in 07.

Here are the first screens of the old faces in their new places, courtesy of NHL 07 for the Xbox 360.

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PS360PCROCKS6172d ago

Oh yea almost forgot Bertuzzi is a peice of shi*, poor steve Moore, I remember watching that game being the Avs fan I am, since I am from Colorado, that was an absolute shame, that dude should be in jail, geesh

Optimus Prime6172d ago

hey non of that, i am a nucks fan, i love bert. and i feel srry for steve moore. not all berts fault. so dont give me that bs. he wasnt good in vancity, so he is gone, sad to say, but now we have one of the best goalies in the league.

but ne ways this is a must buy for me. looks amazing

PS360PCROCKS6172d ago

um if I walked up to you on the street and slammed your face into the ground as I jumped onto your back, wouldn't you expect me to go to jail for assault? Um yea I thought so, sport or not, it was assault...

Optimus Prime6171d ago

not all berts fault. the other 2 avalanch people that jumped on moores back in the process didnt help. oh well, now the avs will lose forsure. they lost tanguay. lol and blake. and you have a siv in net.

ernande6172d ago

I still haven't decided whether I should purchase NHL 07 for the fun gameplay or NHL 2K7 for the in-depth franchise mode (and Big Joe on the cover).

EA always skimps on the extra features, especially when it comes to hockey.

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