Apple Sends Out WWDC Leo Teaser Emails

Apple has sent out brief teaser emails to developers inviting them to WWDC 2007. The email reads:

See the future.
Then take it home with you.

The Leopard beta. Available first at WWDC.
At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, we're planning to show you a feature-complete version of Mac OS X Leopard, and you can take home a beta copy. Be the first to get your hands on the Leopard beta and get a huge head start on development. Register now for WWDC 2007 -- it's your ticket to the future of Mac OS X.

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ITR4276d ago

I wish I could get that free beta.

Pheneus4276d ago

that they do not leave Tiger behind because all of my expensive audio programs will have expensive updates if I am forced to get Leopard.

ITR4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Some say the delay was because Leo uses the ZFS file sys. Not sure if thats true or not. But the delay does give developers 6 months of catch up time.

Well you might if the file sys gets upgraded...well unless they do a cross grade.

I still want CS3, but I can't afford it.

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Neutral Gamer

I'm thinking:
ZFS file sys
3D desktop
UI change
Or just something out of the blue.

Neutral Gamer4276d ago

I'm just waiting for those "special features" that they haven't announced yet, hopefully they'll be something pretty cool to offset the release delay.

Nav14276d ago

I wonder if 10.5 will be on the iPhone.