Guitar Hero 5 Leaked on to Torrent Sites

Dualshockers Writes:

"It seems like the latest game to fall victim to game piracy is Activision's own pride and joy: Guitar Hero 5. The latest iteration of the king of rhythm games was due to hit shelves on September 1st … but is now hitting hard drives all over the interwebs. It wasn't just the leak of one SKU as both the XBOX 360, and Wii versions are now readily available. I know the cost of games can be steep but piracy is just wrong. Guess someone at Activision has got some explaining to do..."

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taz80804953d ago

Piracy is becoming pretty rampant nowadays

BROOKLYN N-M-E4953d ago

This, then competing with Beatles Rock band!!

OhNoez4953d ago

every single 360 game leaks, whats the big deal about GH5?

FamilyGuy4953d ago (Edited 4953d ago )

Games are leaked/up for download everyday, what's so special about this case?

Wii version up for download too


marcus j4953d ago

I understand some are still annoyed about raising the prices of mw2(i live in england so it effects me)but you can't just use it as a excuse to pirate a game.

Gobot4953d ago

I hope you're still saying that when you're buying a Activision game for the price of a Wii.

rubarb234953d ago

I hope everyone out there pirates the sh1t out of this game. Actually f*ck activision, guitar hero, rock band (not sure if i'm missing one). I'm done with these stupid ass games.

joemayo764953d ago

the walmart close to where i live (Brampton, Canada) was sellin 360 and ps2 GH5s a couple days ago (disc only) which i find incredibly odd

xxsnowmanxx4952d ago

i know that girl in your avatar... she went to HS with me.

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StylizedPlayer4953d ago

It's not even worth a dvd.Those suckers run $2 each

BubbleSniper4953d ago

xbox gonna cost activision

profits down in

flop out

StylizedPlayer4953d ago

Section 8 has been leaked too

jpod4953d ago

I don't know why someone made news story about this. About every 360 game gets leaked. Batman was out 1 week early and GH5 is just a few days early. Then next week, some game will be leaked too.

B-Real2064953d ago

It's true. I see a new one every week.

xabmol4953d ago

This is an Activision game.

*evil grin*

- Ghost of Sparta -4953d ago

Where's the PS3 version? Oh wait, PS3 runs on new tech. My bad.

NaiNaiNai4953d ago

So does PC, and yet PC games are leaked more often.

Ninver4953d ago

lol third party devs will continue to loose money on the last gen piece of trash called 3FixMe. Anyway too bad for moneyvision.

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The story is too old to be commented.