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Immersion Polls Gamers On PS3 Rumble

In the latest round of its continuing legal and PR battle against Sony to get its proprietary rumble effects into the PlayStation 3 console, Immersion Corporation has commissioned a provocative public poll into PlayStation 3 rumble.

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pRo loGic II6551d ago

I was standing next to a tank in GRAW last night it was cool. lol I also was playing Moto GP and i kicked ass because i could feel the bike. lol

Capt CHAOS6550d ago

Into adding rumble, no matter what the cost to Sony might be, There are however two winners here. Immersion (ofcourse) and the public who really do need rumble. Far more important than tilt - me thinks.


i hope the two companies settle this dispute soon, i dont care if rumble is gone but i will miss it in the ps3 games, i do think sony should get and intwin both rumble and tilt sensing together, cause i do think there lieing about how the two effect one another, but if they dont bring back rumble, tilt sensing will be kool and i will prolly forget about rumble

pRo loGic II6551d ago

Yah some care about it, but personally it would'nt be of big a deal most make it out to be. But it does add richness to the experiance.

Marriot VP6551d ago

let's get real, immersion souly won't be a good enough reason not to get a PS3. BUT, not having it and many other good reasons of not getting a PS3 only adds up. For many it could be the last straw.

NitrogenB6551d ago

if you're basing your descicion to get a ps3 based on the lack of rumble feature, you need to question if you really wanted one in the first place...

Marriot VP6551d ago

no way, I'm just saying that for some people it could be the last straw. Not for me though I'm a lot different.

Capt CHAOS6550d ago

For some, Rumble is a must-have. Maybe not for Paul. This will just point to lost sales for Sony.

THAMMER16551d ago

I personally think that people can live with out the vibration. But I think you are a liar if you say you do not want it. Vibration is what made so many games that much more immersive. There is too much to be lost with out this feature. I also see where the motion sensor is cool to but it really sucks and it seems like a way to ride the Wii line a little.

lilgringo6551d ago

Who are you to say what I want and don't want? I can honestly say that I really don't want rumble, saves me the time it takes to turn the damn thing of in every game, and it's definitely not worth the risk of getting permanent damage in my hands when i get older

96impala6551d ago

lil dude please, damage to your hands when you get older...first of all if you were that worried you wouldn't be doing what you're doing in your room when you think your parents are sleep. Secondly, tomorrow is promised to nobody. So stop foolin yourself you know you love rumble. Just admit.

lilgringo6550d ago

lol, yeah you're right! It's not like i'd like to be able to play games when i get older, what were i thinking? oh wait... I do! I fail to see how masturbation could possibly be bad for me, but then again you're probably american so that might explain your opinion. And are u telling me that i may not live tomorrow so i shouln't be worried that my action have consequences? Hmm what should i do with this gun? What to do, what to do...
P.S. i don't like rumble

96impala6550d ago

Yeah im an American, and now that i know you are not that explains your logic. Now no rumble in games stink, your logic stinks. Now go wash your hands for we all know you've been making your own rumble.

lilgringo6549d ago

I always wash my hands afterwards, and for ur interest it takes more than some kind of rumble movement to get me going, it's more of a shaking-the-ketchup-bottle movement... or something. Anyway, rumble is useless, get over it!

96impala6547d ago

lol yo, i couldn't care less about you and your ketchup mimmicking. Or if you washed your nasty little hands or whatever you do by your self. all im saying is you love want and need rumble saying anything else then your lying to yourself not me. Now you get over it.

lilgringo6545d ago

you're the one who brought it up, and i have the right to defend myself, don't i? For the last time, no! i definitely DO NOT care for rumble, how many times do i have to tell u that?

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