Dear Bungie, Halo: ODST has leaked

Oh, have a leaked game on the loose. Yesterday a YouTube video was uploaded featuring a French guy unwrapping his brand new Halo: ODST copy for the whole world to see.

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shane0254352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

You and all the other PS3 fanboys that are going to comment on this thread

Kill Crow4351d ago

fix your teeth yet?

Did you get your Diet ps3rd yet?

4351d ago
jack who4352d ago

still gona sell over a mili in 24hr

Nelson M4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

But that dont mean its a Good Game
It Just Means
That there a lot of Dumb BoTs just like your Self
Willing to buy another Halo Game that is Complete Crap
Now Bend Over

Knock Knock
Who's There ?
Jack Who ?
Jack Meoff !!!

Shadow Man4352d ago

$50 million dollar Killzone2 hits the bargain bin less than six months after it's release And was bundle at launch so it could sale 1 million. And is given away for free with every ps3 purchase + MGS4.

Mr Bean Laden4352d ago

what is this "bargain bin" stuff you always say about killzone 2? you can't take the heat?

60$ is mighty expensive for it to be anywhere near the bargain bin

Faztkiller4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

How much did Halo 3 sale in 24 hr? i think it might get close to the same

Nitrowolf24352d ago

Shadow you are retarded to use that as a thing to combat with. That is sad as hell, cause obviousely you don't know what platinum for ps3 means. I remember along time ago that many bots were arguing about how if it doesn't sell a million its a flop. Now that, that is happening bots now decide to compare it to halo sales, and saying that if it doesn't sell more then it , its a flop. Sad

JonnyBadfinger4351d ago

no whats sad is you bringing up the PS3 in an article about a 360 exclusive.

and speaking of bargain bins, the PS3 aint gunna sell anything until it is in the bargain bin. Thats what happened with the PS2, as soon as it hit bargain bin prices the console f*cken flew out the doors and into peoples homes, it was spreading fast than herpes in a nudist colony. And as we all knoiw went on to be the best selling console of last gen.

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xboxlover4352d ago

Will ban this guy to the year 9999 like they did for the guys playing Halo 3 before it released.

Nelson M4352d ago

And Today a Video of the same Guy trading it in
And you can hear this French BoT in the video saying to the Guy who sold it him
"Le Poo Poo"
What ever that means

LuHawk24352d ago

it means Nelson M smells like sh!t

da720izcumin4351d ago

you made me laugh...
*shakes fist*
"le poo poo"
ahahahahahh thas genius props.

mrv3214352d ago

I'm surprised it won't be uploaded to thepiratebay by Monday.

And this game will still sell Millions it's Halo after all, things are usually popular for a reason and I can see Halo is a good games just not a game for me.

Above Awesome4352d ago

ODST is looking different from the Halo formula so it's worth the rent to see if you like this version.

I'm excited for Firefight mode in particular. Horde modes are always a blast with friends.

mrv3214352d ago

ODST singleplayer does look different but I have come to understand the online is similar... and for that reason I'm skipping.

Plus it's Halo and throughout Halo 3 I was just wanting to play and skip the story.

darthv724352d ago

Why does this always seem to happen outside the US?

Also, if the game is done then why not release it already?

lowcarb4351d ago

I don't see how anyone could skip out on Halo because of it's gameplay. It's some of the best online play ever put together for crying out loud. A game like Halo made for co-op is a must buy for me.

BACK ON TOPIC: Leaks suck

IdleLeeSiuLung4351d ago

Single player of Halo 3 was blah, but multiplayer was incredible. Can't wait for this game.

Corepred44351d ago

has always been fantastic. even if i get bored after playing it for a while. yeah and it will probably sell millions which is where i see a problem. its like halo gets a free pass to sell millions because it has halo in the name. that sucks, they can pretty much stop trying and it'll still sell. maybe thats why they're still using the same old engine on halo 3. with halo odst, i'm not sure yet, are they using the same engine and mechanics as the previous halos? and what exactly is firefight? isn't it just deathmatch?

RockmanII74351d ago

Microsoft and Bungie are trying to capitalize on the christmas season, that way people looking at buying a system will consider buying a 360 with a new Halo or a PS3 with a new Uncharted. Bungie has said that they finished the game in July.

vhero4351d ago

meh who cares is a leak really news worthy? I mean the only reason Halo is still gonna sell millions is the same reason COD is gonna sell millions. You KNOW your mates who you play online with are gonna get it so you have to get it to keep up. People get games like this for that reason not because of how good it is so will still sell in the bucketloads.

Blogz4Fanboyz4351d ago

and normally games retail at 70 euros a pop! seeing as this is at 50euros makes me question the authenticity of this vid. although, halo odst is cheaper than normal games going by the many web-sites i have visited.

unfortunately there isn't a saturn near where i live so i cant confirm or deny this!

ShadowCK4351d ago

"Microsoft France has issued an official statement stating that anyone who is caught playing the game will ultimately be banned from Xbox Live."

Good, they deserve it.

4351d ago
Arthur_4351d ago nothing sacred anymore?!?!?!

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