Gears of War Interview - CliffyB

The much-awaited CliffyB Gears of War interview has been posted up on Xequted.

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TheMART5072d ago



Hhhhmmmmm sounding like a real fanboy now ey? ;)
Man I've not been waiting on any game so hard in my whole freaking live, from the time that I had a MSX-1, up to MSX-2, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, my PC, PS2, XBOX and now 360. Never ever

I would do crazy stuff just to get a copy... I would do the Dead Rising tricks in real life in the shopping mall if I had to fight my way through... gnegne

TheMART5072d ago

Already present, but she plays Hexic now ;)

PS360PCROCKS5072d ago

I feel the same I have never ever in my life anticipated a game for like over a year it's crazy but, this WILL be the highest selling game in history.period. Halo 3 will probably sell more but for the time this will beat out the first two halos, anyone who owns a 360 and doesnt buy this is well insane, how could you not be excited for this game?

pRo loGic II5072d ago

I wake up in a better mood when i know such badass games are coming to the 360. lol really i do, no joke. 360 is a grown folks console, can't wait for this tittle.

THAMMER15072d ago

This is the game that will sell 360 like water in the dessert. I really feel sorry for the people who refuse to play 360 because of the loyalty the have to Sony because this game is crack. I promise that is a game comes out that is this sweet comes out for the PS3 I will buy it. But there is nothing there at all. I do not mean to bash the PS3 but they do not have anything but assassins creed. Lost planet looks almost as good as this game I will pick that up soon too.

OutLaw5072d ago

Cliffy B said he pays way to much attention to the forums. So if he comes to this forum I would like to say Hi and keep up the good work. They already have around 45 people working on this game I feel Gears of War is going to be a classic masterpiece.

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The story is too old to be commented.