The Down-Low on What to Download

PlayStation LifeStyle writes "For this week, there were four demos released: Mini Ninjas and IL 2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey on the North American PSN, and Dirt 2 and Wet on the European PSN."

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Sev4447d ago

Strange that suddenly EU PS Store is getting better content each week than the North American PS Store.

It's been quite the opposite up until now.

Although the EU PS Store is still missing some key titles.

Lifewish4447d ago

glad i am able to make an account for all regions so i never miss a demo

DlocDaBudSmoka4447d ago

u got bubs from me. Im also glad that i can make a new region acct for free. unlike a certain company that shall remain nameless.

Trexman894447d ago

yea, europe does get a lot of good demos.

DJ4447d ago

Guess I got some downloading to do. Nice previews for demos i probably wouldn't have downloaded (save for Dirt 2).

decimalator4446d ago

I loved Mini Ninjas, it's a kid friendly game that even has something for us "grown ups". It's very well made, simple and entertaining. Makes me wonder why games have to try to get so fancy, when a fairly simple game like this captivated both me and my son.

I loved the inclusion of the EU demos. Great article wolfehound.