Should we boycott Shadow Complex?

Should we boycott Shadow Complex?

For a game that has received almost nothing but unanimous critical acclaim and has been hotly anticipated by gamers ever since it was announced at E3, that seems to be quite a bizarre, almost ridiculous question. If you are unaware of the recent controversy surrounding Shadow Complex, you could be forgiven for thinking that the boycotters were enraged PS3 fans, lashing out at an exclusive Xbox 360 game.

However, Shadow Complex is currently at the center of a touchy and thorny political issue, as it has become apparent that the game is based upon a world co-created by Orson Scott Card, a notorious writer who viciously campaigns against same-sex marriage and believes homosexuality to be a sexual dysfunction.

Card will be making money from Chair Entertainment's recently released Xbox Live Arcade game. Hence the question, should we boycott Shadow Complex?

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Sonyslave33557d ago

lol ps3fanboys are going to boycott the sh!t out this game just like they did with lfd2.

Tinted Eyes3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )


Timesplitter143557d ago

Yeah right... PS3 fanboys are going to buy an X360 in order to NOT BUY Shadow Complex


Next time, learn the definition of the words you're using.

Arnon3557d ago

"Yeah right... PS3 fanboys are going to buy an X360 in order to NOT BUY Shadow Complex"

...what? What does anything of what you just said have to do with boycotting a game? You don't have to buy a console to boycott a game on it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3557d ago

Sonyslave3 is talking about PS3 fans boycotting by signing "petitions" like when PS3 fans jumped on the PC boycott of L4D2 because it's not going to the PS3. If you don't believe me about PS3 fans signing the L4D2 petition go here and read the comments. Many PS3 fans/Droids were open and honest about why they signed, now imagine how many signed it who wern't honest. You droids are the biggest whiny cry babies in gaming. First it was DMC4, then FF, L4D and now Shadow Complex. pick some up and whipe those tears.

God droids are so freaking lost.

AngryTypingGuy3557d ago

If a great game was made by a Nazi, I'd still buy it. When playing a game, I don't take into account the morals or politics of the person behind it. I just don't care.

Not to mention, I am against gay marriage as well. Although, I am for gays being able to have civil unions as well as the financial benefits that come along with it. I want them to be happy. The only part that I have a problem with is the holy matrimony part because I feel it's disrespectful to the Christian religion to have two people of the same sex marry.

Kill Crow3556d ago

Won't surprise me if they boycott .... Wave March down the street with your dual wield Pink ice-cream Dildo's waving in the air ...

F4gs !!!!!

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Above Awesome3557d ago

Boycotting this means you boycott the developers who worked hard on this title. Is it worth it to sever pay to a homophobe?

Blaster_Master3557d ago

Only a homo would boycott something because someone is against homosexuality. Personally, I dont think the game is worth 15 bucks anyways, and I wouldnt but it cause of that. Especially since I played the whole game for free via glitch. But to not buy a game because of one individual's beliefs is nit picking, childish, crybaby ranting. Get over it. You are in the minority thus making your feelings about this irrelevant.

phosphor1123557d ago

There is NOTHING homophobic or nothing anti same-sex that is in the game. Only dumbasses like to start problems that were never there.

ps3d03557d ago

"Orson Scott Card, a notorious writer who viciously campaigns against same-sex marriage and believes homosexuality to be a sexual dysfunction."

Seriously wtf does this have to do with the game ? If the game is good buy if it sucks ass then boycott it.

mdt hunter3557d ago

why should we care about developers personal life ?
i really don't care about ther personal life they should just give us good games

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evrfighter3557d ago

As a gamer you should only boycott those that are blatantly exploiting gamers.

Why the eff would gamers boycott a developer because one dude's views differs from many others.

Take that political sh*t somewhere else. Most of us don't really care.

Poopface the 2nd3557d ago

Too late for me to boycot it as I already got it. Its great.

Its not like the prejudice guy made the game.

StanLee3557d ago

Who gives a f*ck about someone's personal politics?! We play video games to get away from that bullsh*t in our everyday lives.

barom3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Funny how this article actually makes me want to support the title and I'm actually more of a PS3 guy too.

aldesko3557d ago

Orson is actually a good sci-fi writer. If you ignored everything he does because you disagree with his political views, you would miss out on some good books like Ender's Game.

I don't share his views on politics, but he's entitled to his opinion. I would understand a boycott if Shadow Complex dealt with homosexuality, but it doesn't.. at all.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3557d ago

This would be the dumbest boycott in the history of gaming.

Beast_Master3557d ago

Orson Scott Card is a Mormon, that should clear up why he is such a dumba$$. In any case the game story has almost nothing to do with his book, it only takes place in the universe. It would be like not buying a K. Anderson Star Wars novel because George Lucas raped Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

dragunrising3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

"Homophobic" has become too broad a definition. If you disagree with homosexual marriage you are NOT a homophobe. Its your opinion. Disagreeing or agreeing is every man and womans right. It is not legally or morally wrong to have an opposing viewpoint. Its interesting that homosexuals and supporters claim the higher ground whenever someone doesn't share their opinion...simply by labeling them a homophobe. Agenda? Of course not (sarcasm).

Boycott a game all you want. Your missing out on a great game made by very talented devs.

Socrates3557d ago

If I boycotted every game whose creators' political viewpoints were different than mine I would have missed out on a great number of games.

For example, I don't agree with some of the political viewpoints expressed by Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock, and I don't even agree with some of the subtle political messages found in the game itself, but if that would have stopped me I would have missed out on one of my favorite games this generation.

Shadow Complex is sublime, and the fact that one of the co-writers is apparently opposed to homosexuality has absolutely no bearing on that.

starvinbull3556d ago

I am in two minds on this issue. On the one hand if it were the BNP or KKK co creating the game I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole but then again I'm not gay so it would be very easy to be casual about this author's homophobia. I'm sure it won't affect many people's decision to buy.

Syronicus3556d ago

He believes in something different. We all talk about "tolerance" but then we do not allow a man or woman to practice their beliefs when it comes to their religion. Sad really, to know that the Homosexual crowd are a bunch of hypocrites. If they believe it is right then fine, but let others have differing opinions and stop with the thin skinned homophobe and heterophobe comments.

masterg3556d ago

The guy who started IKEA was a Nazi.
Boy-cut it right away :)

ID IR A G 0 N3556d ago

anyone who would boycott this game because of this stupid article, is a moron. people can have whatever opinion they want.

to the kid who said this games isnt worth 15 bucks, your right, its prolly worth 30. SHADOW COMPLEX IS AMAZING!!!!!!

Lich1203556d ago

I used to think Ender's Game was a great novel. Apparently I was wrong because the author is homophobic. Same goes for shadow Complex, I thought the game was excellent, but apparently it can't be.

If anyone actually boycott's this game because they are gay, I think Ill die a little inside.

Coconutz9193556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Thanks, Beast_Master. I guess I'm a dumba$$, too.

On topic, I think this is completely absurd. He's entitled to his opinion just like everyone else and that in no way should effect how you judge or support a game that each of those developers make their living from.

mastiffchild3556d ago

Just a personal issue in my book. Had the game been developed from a book which knocks gay lifestyle then maybe I'd feel differently but here the only issue is whether you feel OK giving some of your cash to a homophobic fool.

Noone should criticise people who want to boycott this though-surely if you knew someone was a bigot and didn't want them to profit from your gaming then that's fair enough and does NOT make yopu a moron. The only moron involved is OSC-who really is a douche, imo.

Not an issue for me, mind, as the game doesn't grab me at all.

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JsonHenry3556d ago

I can't stand homosexual (or metrosexual for that matter) men. But I am not gonna boycott a game/tv show/ etc. just because a homosexual or girlie man might be involved.

Rock Bottom3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )


Is there a way to pay for the game without having a 360? this guy deserve my money.

Christopher3556d ago

Why would I boycott because someone has a differing opinion on same-sex relationships? You know how many people at Microsoft have the same views as Card? Are we going to boycott Microsoft because of this?

Just doesn't make sense. Get the game and enjoy it, I say.

gamesR4fun3556d ago

i could see a boycott getting steam if the game was pro gay but for being anti gay on live sheesh thats like a selling point for them homophobic bastards.

ChickeyCantor3556d ago

" You are in the minority thus making your feelings about this irrelevant"

Lovely Irony...

Consoldtobots3556d ago

It's REALLY sad to see how far the powers that be have brought society down the slippery slope. All these sheep cry about free speech but act like nazis the minute someone says something or holds a viewpoint they HAVE BEEN TOLD is wrong. I mean you can't even ARGUE the right and wrong of being homosexual without being called a narrow minded biggot. Forget religions, morality, culture or any of that and lets base this on somehing that can't be argued. THE MEDICAL DANGERS OF A HOMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLE. If you have no idea what that is, look it up on google.
But thats besides the point, this man has THE GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO PREACH AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY IF IT GOES AGAINST HIS MORAL BELIEFS. When will you politically correct retards understand that?

NEO_X3556d ago

Just because someone disagrees with a lifestyle it doesn't mean he should suffer for it. ignorance doesn't beat ignorance

ChickeyCantor3556d ago

"Forget religions, morality, culture or any of that and lets base this on somehing that can't be argued. THE MEDICAL DANGERS OF A HOMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLE"

Then how do you explain the "homosexuals" that got older than 70.
That research can be argued, cause "researcher" say lots of stuff and then in the end be wrong anyway. A research is not by definition a true fact.

starvinbull3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Presumably you don't smoke, drink alchohol, have unprotected sex, drive an internal combustion engine car, eat red meat regularly, weigh more than your ideal weight (BMI 24-26), own or fire guns or excercise less than an hour a day. If you do none of those things you can preach about the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle. The evidence on each of those things is pretty indisputable.

In which state is it illegal to be a homosexual?

If you are making your statement based only preference then presumably you disagre with your own countries rights and freedoms when it come to homosexuals?

I'm gonna make an assumption and say you're from the USA in which case you should look at the evidence that suggests the happiest people in the world are scandinavians in particular Swedes, East asians are amongst the most intelligent people from birth on average and have some of the highest life expectancy figures in the world. Somone could easily say the medical dangers of being American are not worth it.

I don't think my lifestyle or beliefs are superior to everyone elses try it sometime, you may learn a thing or two.

When you start trying to discriminate against people or lifestyles you disagree with then one day someone will look at you and decide you're not up to scratch. Who's next? Blacks, jews, koreans, homeless people, the disabled? What about old people? Should they be subject to the same prejudice you have for homosexuals? Evidence shows that being old carries numerous medical dangers.

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Sonyslave33557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

That and the ps3fanboy who hate Gabe because he don't care about the ps3.

O wait Tint Eyes aren't you one them ps3fanboys who hate Gabe because he don't give a fvck about the ps3 got to be or was someone pretending to be you.

kissmeimgreek3557d ago

what a stupid argument. card made a great story for this and deserves to praised. this game has absolutely nothing to do with him being homophobic. the developers are the ones that worked on this and the game (as far as i know) has nothing o do with sexual preference. this article is just stupid and pointless.

thetruthinator3557d ago

Its a good game and thats what matters.
So what if he has an opinion that you dont like?

I wonder how many writers are Pro-Choice?

We should boycott them all! Those murderers!

Tony P3557d ago


You judge too soon me thinks... The entire second half of the article is about why you shouldn't boycott.

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