10 Most Underrated Xbox 360 Games

This weekend sees the tenth anniversary of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 - a platform that has accrued hundreds of amazing games.

But while everyone knows Halo and Gears Of War, here are ten great unsung gaming experiences for the console that deserve much wider recognition.

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StormLegend1776d ago

Left 4 Dead should be one and maybe Bulletwitch? Those are my 2

Rimeskeem1776d ago

was left 4 dead underrated?

Uglyday1776d ago

Culdcept Saga broke my Halo controller! Hour long match I completely dominated ripped away on the last move..........Screw that game. Mistwalker did great games last gen, now they just seem to make iOS games.

bullproodhead1776d ago

Culdcept Saga is such a good game. i could never get my friends into it though. =(

ChronicPsycho1776d ago

Feels more like overrated imo.