Why the PS3 slim won't kill the Xbox 360

Neocrisis.com writes: "Many have cited the new PS3 slim as the end for the Xbox 360, and the day Sony starts gaining lost ground. Can the PS3 slim save Sony in this generation and can they claw back second place? The internet has been full of debate regarding this subject, but every argument and discussion on every board doesn't take into account how Microsoft will respond."

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ultimolu5448d ago

But Sony stands a good chance of moving to second place.

coolirisGB5448d ago

LOL how is that? and when in 2016. The 360 would have to stop selling period(not one console) for PS3 to catch up this generation.

Mr Sandman5448d ago

Why would you say that when MS has a strategy for 2010...Plus the 360 is still selling well.

fishd5448d ago

Can't consoles just live together, you know happily?!

deadreckoning6665448d ago (Edited 5448d ago )

cooliris is right. 360 would have to stop selling over 20,000 consoles a month for Sony to win in console sales.....UNLESS Sony throws the biggest marketing campaign the videogame industry has ever seen.If things stay the way they are now, then Sony has a chance to take second place sometime next year, but undoubtedly M$ will do somethg to ensure that doesn't happen.

@z-hayden-Well, we don't know when this generation of consoles will end exactly. For all we know Microsoft can announce the 720(or what ever the hell there gunna call it) next year and it'll feature hardcore games with Natal support. We really don't know.

Edit- Dude, if were talking long term like 8 years down the line. Then yes, the PS3 will be outselling the 360 by a wide margin. However, I thk MOST determine the sales winner as "whoever sells the most consoles UNTIL the NEXT next-gen consoles come out".

So the PS3 WILL be outselling the 360 5 years down the line, but it WON'T outsell the 360 before the next batch of new consoles come out. Ya kno wat I mean.

SnuggleBandit5448d ago (Edited 5448d ago )

We're still in the second quarter people, it ain't even halftime

Do you determine the winner by who wins at the end or who is leading by halftime? I doubt that either the 360 or the ps3 will win (WII) but we are still a long way off from determining second place. The ps3 will be supported for over ten years, while who knows about the 360, knowing microsoft they will cut support for it so that their fanbase will be forced to buy another console in order to play new games...it just boggles my mind that the 360 fans can't see how many damn ways that microsoft has screwed them over this gen.

^^ya thats pretty much what i'm saying...by the time sony stops manufacturing the ps3 it will be ahead of the 360...but honestly i think that it will pull ahead of the 360 well before that period

SaberEdge5448d ago

I'm not going to say it is impossible, but the odds are against it. Microsoft WILL have moves of its own to make and unless the PS3 starts outselling the 360 by a huge margin it won't be able to catch up anytime soon.

Remember, the 360 has been outselling the PS3 in North America (the biggest market) by over 100,000 a month lately. Not only is it going to have to catch up, but then it would have to also outsell the 360 by a large number in order to catch up. Then, even if it catches up to the 360, does that mean that the 360 is dead? No, it would simply mean that we have two equal competitors in the market. So, no, the PS3 slim will in no way kill the 360. Not even close.

foxtheory5448d ago

...but you gotta admit, Sony will probably do better now than they did before. I don't think it will "kill" the 360, but I do believe it can catch up to it.

We'll just have to wait and see...

StayHigh5448d ago

sony only behind 7 million they can easily catch up..they got japan and europe we will see soon enough

Trollimite5448d ago

i just want things to go back to normal! before the whole fanboy war! i really hope this gen ends in a tie! so nobody wins, and next gen wont suck!

Cold 20005448d ago

"but every argument and discussion on every board doesn't take into account how Microsoft will respond."

That is so true.

But it goes both ways.

I think the PS3, if things stay the way it is now, will catch up in a 2012 at the best. 8 million isnt nothing !

BUT that is IF things dont change. We all know things will change, for MS and Sony. Natal will be huge for the 360 if MS execute the whole idea right. That alone will change the whole situation again.

I see each console alternating every year. One year the PS3 on top, the next 360 and so on.

RememberThe3575448d ago

I'm with you on that. This little fanboy war is getting pretty petty. I don't want either console to fail, their is plenty of room for both.

Mike134nl5448d ago

Even then there is the matter how low Microsoft is prepared to go in their pricing.

InfectedDK5448d ago

Why this and why that.. This is one endless road of hate..
Btw. Sony PS3 is the BOMB. Period :)

SoapShoes5448d ago

Funny how people are so sure about PS3 not catching up. Most people saying that it could aren't saying it will(aside from fanboys).

People have been waiting to purchase a PS3, they have not been waiting to purchase a 360 when it is already $200 and won't be dropping below $200 for awhile.

PS3 is already #2 in Japan and Europe.

CWMR5448d ago

-LOL why are some people are acting like now that the slim has come out that the 360 is going to basically stop selling a single console and the ps3 is just going to gobble up the market to itself? I genuinely hope the PS3 does well. The slim and price cut was a good move by Sony.

BTW, Xbox 360 is the BOMB. Period :) I love my 360.-

Above Awesome5448d ago (Edited 5448d ago )

I don't know if the Slim will kill the 360 but it will be more competition for sure. New hardware no matter what it is will spur new sales. Collectors, enthusiasts, and fence sitters all jump on new hardware. Take iPods for an example.

Really, I just think the price drop for the Fat PS3 will spur sales alone.

The price drop of the Elite will also spur 360 sales, I don't know how many people want the black 360, the 120GB hard drive would be a plus.

I'm really liking the holiday season this year.

I'm thinking the PS3 Slim will outsell the 360 by a reasonable number but not a lot. I'm saying maybe 70k max.

tonsoffun5448d ago

I'm sorry, but what difference it makes if the PS3 goes to number 2 or if the 360 manages to hold onto it?

At the end of the day, both consoles have great games and we shouldn't be wasting our time trolling and flaming each other about sales and which console is better. Neither company is going out of business if they come 3rd. Both will do well.

The PS3 IMO, has been needing a price cut in order to make it a more mainstream console and as such sales should rise significantly because of it. BUT only if Sony market the hell out of it. This is the one thing about sony, they don't market their games/system (well over here anyway). Spend some decent cash on touting the price drop and they will sell like hotcakes. But again it matters not because the PS3 was a great console (IMO worth the money I spent on release day) prior to the slim.

Play the games people! Not the fanboy nonsense.

jammy_705448d ago

know more then them writers

SoapShoes5448d ago

Um no one is saying the 360 will just stop selling, they are saying that the PS3 could catch up. The wii easily caught up and surpassed the 8 million that the 360 already had by 2006, only a fool would write something off like this. I can see being skeptical because this would be a huge challenge, but impossible it is not.

Above Awesome5448d ago

The PS3 Slim is definitely not going to sell as much as the Wii did at launch, absolutely not. The Wii was actually sold out in my city, (London, Ontario, Canada) for literally a year after release.

That is mindboggling. Seriously.

SoapShoes5448d ago (Edited 5448d ago )

Just damn... You try to type here and people misconstrue your whole point. I never said it would sell as well as the Wii. PERIOD. I just said the Wii could do it, the PS3 can too possibly. Notice how I didn't put a time frame on it? Maybe you haven't noticed but the Wii has sold a lot more than 8 million so I'm not saying the Slim will sell 50 million just like that. No.