30° Post Factum: Final Fantasy X

Josh Rai writes: Final Fantasy X is quite possibly the most popular JRPG of the last decade and probably only rivalled by Chrono Trigger, FFVI, and FFVII for most popular of all time. Final Fantasy X was probably the most important PS2 title to ever come out. And now I am testing it to see if it holds up.

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Blaster_Master3561d ago

I just played some of it today, and I must say it has at least the best story in any RPG ever created. The battle system is old school turn based, which happens to be my favorite style, and the level up system is second to none.

Homicide3560d ago

FFX has the best story in a FF game, imo. Funny thing, I also started playing it, and it's still great today, way better than all the console JRPGs that came out this gen.