Molyneux received hate mail over Fable II ending

"Peter Molyneux has told GameSetWatch that people were so upset over the ending of Fable II that he received hate mail."

Masamori Sumimura5354d ago

lol some people are crazy.

that must be the funniest thing I've heard today.

RememberThe3575352d ago

Well, the ending was a little lame. It seemed a little too cheesy.

Syronicus5352d ago

More like a lot lame. Sorry, but when you fight your way through the game only to get to the end and have it end so easily... For a second I thought he took a lesson from the Gears team... And he should not have.

Chubear5352d ago


ShadowCK5352d ago (Edited 5352d ago )

Naw, The ending of Fable II was pretty good. However, the lack of a final boss battle left a horrible taste in your mouth.

Still, it's a great game.

GameGambits5352d ago

It's not crazy if you ask me. If developers don't hear the voices of the guys who spend money on their games then how will they know what stunk and what didn't? This is probably why Fable 1 to Fable 2 felt like a downgrade is very little listening to fans suggestions who actually found the first Fable a good game if fixed correctly.

Fable 2 had a LOT wrong. It's single handedly the worst role playing game I spent 12 hours on to beat.

I've listed numerous times on here 15 different reasons why this game is complete rubbish and someone can check my comment history if they want to find them.

I flat out refuse to buy any Peter M game ever in the future. The same with Cliffy B and EPIC games. Fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me. Fool me a third time? Yeah not gonna happen buddy.

Above Awesome5352d ago

You put yourself through 12 hours of the worst RPG you've ever played?

Really, you could have just saved your money if it didn't click in a couple hours.

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TheColbertinator5354d ago

lol Reminds me of when Kojima was getting death threats for saying he would not direct MGS4

RememberThe3575352d ago

Yeah that would kind of defeat the purpose all together.

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Chubear5352d ago

O.O holy crap, you used to be on GT forums too? lol Wow, that name still makes my left eye twitch lol

devilhunterx5352d ago

almost every FF13 thread was spammed by him before FF13 went Multiplatform.

Apparently he even showed up here.

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Fable II - A Fantasy Series at Peak Performance

Fable II launched back in 2008 and remains the best the series has offered. Ahead of the series comeback, it's time to look at the classic.

Crows90301d ago

They gotta bring back those gargoyles!

Dudeson301d ago

I'd love to play it again, this time on pc though. Forever waiting on that pc port.

GaboonViper301d ago

Loved this game, oh and i always saved my dog at the end, hope the new Fable has a animal companion.

got_dam301d ago

Fable 2 was the best inthe series. Peter waaaaaaay over promised with fable 1 and it was good but disappointing. He didn't go crazy eith hype for the second game and it was surprisingly awesome. Then he ran his mouth promoting 3 and it was the worst of the 3.

cthulhucultist301d ago

Funny story: Fable 3 had a funny way of keeping the promises you made in the first half of the game and having enough money to defeat the darkness.

You only had to collect enough money to buy 2 stores in a busy market district. You then raise the prices to maximum and you turn xbox 360 internal clock 99 or more years ahead.

The next time you load the game, all the rents from the 99 years are collected immediately.

But yes I agree that 3 was the weakest of the three.