NWR: Metroid Prime Retrospective Part 3

NWR writes: "Retro Studios had a lot on their plate going into development for their third and final game in the Metroid Prime trilogy: new hardware to master, new motion controls to wrap their heads around, the conclusion of a story involving Phazon and Dark Samus, and new ideas that didn't fit into Echoes or Prime. The lengthier development time certainly spoke to these challenges: Nintendo originally pushed for a two-year cycle, the time between Prime and Echoes, but Retro wanted to make the Wii hardware sing. The motion controls proved more difficult to work out than originally anticipated. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was pushed back several times, first from November 2006 to April 2007, then again to August 2007. The game would not see a European release until October, and Japan had to wait until March 2008."

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EvilTwin3560d ago

Y'know...after reading this...I kinda wish there was a way for Retro to release Hunters on Wii, too.

That's when you know you're being greedy -- three AAA titles for $50, and I'm asking for more.

Lich1203560d ago

Haha, seriously. Me and my buddy are playing through prime again atm. Wonderful freaking game, even by todays standards.