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Megaton3565d ago

Seems like every time this segment of the game pops up on a new site, it's being played differently. Very cool.

JL3565d ago

Very cool indeed. I'm absolutely loving the different variations and paths that this game can take. Haven't watched these videos (and I'm not going to as I've told myself, no more! This game is too story driven that I don't want to spoil anything, so I'm done with it now), but I've seen enough to know that the possibilities in this game seems endless (hyperbole of course). I can imagine getting many playthroughs with this game just to see how many different ways I can take it.

LiL T3565d ago

This game looks awsome, I can't wait to play it. Story seem very intriguing and should make fior some great gameplay/replay.

Chubear3564d ago

Yeah the replay value seems like it's way higher than I initially expected. I'm assuming one could sink 80hrs into this thing and still have many more paths to check out.

I too will not be watching any more vids for the game cause I want my experience with it to be fresh and pure once it launches. This game is what current gen gaming should be about I'd say.

rockleex3564d ago

Need only watch these three clips and they'll be fully convinced that Heavy Rain will work as promised.

It will NOT be your typical kind of game. The controls are very different. The gameplay is even more unique.

Whether you like these type of games or not is up to you.

But just know that the system works, its not just some "flashy developer talk" like most games that promise multiple choices/etc.

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PS3is4D3565d ago

Just what I'd expect from the developers of Indigo Prophecy, excellence!

bandoors3565d ago

all i can say CAN'T WAIT =)

d0nT wOrrY3565d ago

Epic story
Epic graphics
Epic gameplay
Epic game

cant wait anymore for all 1st party exclusives. muah Sony

TheTruth893565d ago

Alan wut?
Alan Wait


3564d ago
tudors3565d ago

It seems very immersive, If I had the money this would be a potencial system seller for me, the graphics are much better than some of the previous footage also.

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The story is too old to be commented.