It's Famitsu Time In Japan

Go Gaming brings you all the latest news coming from Famitsu in Japan.

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Go Gaming Giant4318d ago

is Japan the only place Famitsu is sold?

NMC20074317d ago

Yes, it's a Japanese gaming magazine, I think you can import it though, but it's pointless if you don't read the language.

SpoonyRedMage4317d ago

Nanashi No Game got a sequel? that's weird and it's never going to be released in the west... same with Sigma Harmonics.:(

nomoregameblogs4317d ago

i'm glad we have a tokyo based writer. he translates full articles for us every week! :)

thegreatest78844317d ago

I wish I could read japanese, Famitsu seems to get so much new info its unreal.

Go Gaming Giant4317d ago

ye the magazine looks awesome

SpaceInsomniac4317d ago

I love reading stories about Famitsu. It's always interesting to see what they score western games.

thegreatest78844317d ago

I like to see how they score western RPGs the most.