SFX-360: Aion Preview

SFX-360 writes: "If you are anything like me you have played world of warcraft, even if you don't want to admit it I am pretty sure everyone has at least once whether it was for a week or years. If you are also like me you have tried to kick the habit. Which is not easy, I have tried almost every other MMO out there and they have left me empty inside. Nothing can replace the smooth interface of wow, the level of character customization, party system or world environment. But there may be an MMO that has come along that may pull people away from world of war craft for more than a couple weeks. It's called AION. The way I see Aion, take World of warcraft's mechanics and the look of final fantasy games and you have Aion, a very stylized looking MMO with easy playability and lot's of expansions possibilities..."

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