GC 2009: Final Fantasy XIII Will Not Feature Limit Breaks

Straight from the Gamescom 2009 show floor, Square Enix brings the goods on Final Fantasy XIII, including a revelation that Limit Breaks will not be returning for this installment of the series.

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presto7173560d ago

Thats a disappointment.

Another point on my growing list of reasons to skip XIII

interrergator3560d ago

awwwwwww damn o well im still gettin it i have the demo and it was awesome cant wait

SpoonyRedMage3560d ago

What it seems to me is that the Summons are somewhat taking the place of Limit Breaks as each person only has one and it's unique to them. I can live without Limit Breaks anyway, the first five didn't have them anyway.

Namikaze_Minato3560d ago

There's something wrong...

I remember that Famitsu revealed the name of Lightning Limit Break. It was Area Blast!

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