APB Preview: Cops & Robbers Will Never Be The Same...

Nidzumi writes: The screenings room at Edinburgh Interactive 09 is packed out, standing room only. APB is probably one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2010 and most people are clamouring to get even a morsel of a look at what Realtime Worlds' next title looks like.

APB is certainly an ambitious project - a pitched battle between gangs and heavily armed enforcers set against the backdrop of a bustling city bristling with AI controlled inhabitants.

The screening begins with another, equally important part of the game. One aspect of the game that Realtime Worlds have put a huge amount of effort into is that character, logo and vehicle customisation tools. As Assistant Live Producer on APB, Ben Abbott, begins the presentation it is clear that these are no ordinary creation tools. " APB is all about the three Cs - creativity, conflict and celebrity," begins Abbott.

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