Forza 2 Loses Car Clubs.

This was posted by a forum VIP over at forza motorsport 2 forums. He writes :
Hey guys, in regards to car clubs in Forza 2...

It's true that we couldn't get that feature into the game, but some things to keep in mind is that multiplayer games still support team racing so you can still have club battles on Live. I realize what you lose without car club support is the ability to see in any official capacity which are the top clubs running in the game. One of my goals for post-launch is to implement a feature that allows players to register their car clubs on this website, with the ability to administrate memberships, etc., and then host official car club scoreboards on based on your club's cumulative rankings.

There's a lot we need to spec out and I'll be working with Turn 10's designers to make this happen. I'm not going to promise when we can roll this feature out but consider implementing car clubs's first DLC priority. Also, after I discuss with the webdevs the feasibility of car clubs on, I'll create an official thread to gather ideas you guys may have about how to make it useful as well.

Thanks, and sorry if this tidbit of news has disappointed anyone.

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decapitator4182d ago

looking good for forza 2. Well at least he said for now, so we might get an update with the clubs

Black Republican4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

so just because no Clubs you think they are not looking good for Forza2
that is funny...

BIadestarX4182d ago

Wow, things are not looking good for forza 2 since they are going to remove a feature that no other game will provide anyways... name one game that let you do this. It's not like they are going to remove game elements or cars. They are removing a feature or at leat not doing it for now that you will not get anywhere. Nice spin though. Name anyother game where this is being done.

Silver3604182d ago

And yet still trying to implement what he is telling you won't be ready yet. And things are looking bad? We really need to think more before posting on this site. It is comments like that that start flame wars.

gta_cb4182d ago

ummm... what the F**K you on about now?

Alymon4182d ago

One game that does car clubs? Test Drive Unlimited.

There you have it.

Forza 2 still looks awesome... but I have to say I am very disapointed that they are taking car clubs out.

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zonetrooper54182d ago

Thats just a deadline they are hitting, it happens to all games. I bet there will be some features which Bungie wanted in Halo 3 but due to the deadline they could not put it in. Forza Motorsports 2 will be a great game don't worry about that, this should be a free download anyways.

gta_cb4182d ago

yeh they could just release a FREE update like with annex for Gears of War a couple months later =D i love XboxLIVE being like that lol

zonetrooper54182d ago

Hey, its better than nothing lol ;P

donscrillinger4182d ago

i loved the car club .but its all swell the game will be fresh .