The Evolution of Forza Motorsport

IGN - We take a Ferrari Testarossa for a hot lap around Laguna Seca across five games and three console generations.

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BiggCMan2743d ago

I really like how this was presented. I hope they do a GT one the exact same way.

guitarded772743d ago

Yeah, they flip a bit fast, but decent comparison. I'd like slower transitions and some stills. You could see a decent jump from F2 - F4.

TheBlade2743d ago

Evolution? What evolution? The Forza and GT series have been the same old games since they first released, just with minor graphical updates.

USMC_POLICE2743d ago

If you are fans of either series you know that's false. I have been a die hard gt fan since the ps1. Spent 100s of hours on each title minus gt6 because it just released. The cars change new tracks added and most importantly the feel of the cars at least in gt gets more realistic. New events and races are added new things you can do to each car. If you don't enjoy racing you won't like either game. At least gt every title feels a different game newer better I cannot speak for forza but I'm sure its the same. So yes for an outsider it would appear to be the same old same to you. I cannot wait for GT7 on ps4

JackISbacK2743d ago

hey why dont you just go and play games ,if you dont like racing genre its up to you.
dont show your hate ,i love the both.

level 3602743d ago

Still believe the physics are a bit floaty especially on Horizon.

With Forza5 having slight advantage over previous game.

Developers of Forza do know how to pick good exotic cars/great tracks that fans can really appreciate.

ambientFLIER2743d ago

Superb comparison. And holy hell, those F2 cars were shiny! And also, the difference between Forza 2 and Forza 4 on the same hardware are like a whole generational leap. I only hope the same holds true for Forza 5 and Forza 6/7.

caseh2743d ago

Forza - Lots of cars
Forza 2 - More cars
Forza 3 - Even more cars
Forza 4 - Tons of cars
Forza 5 - Half the amount, gotta pay extra for the rest

Hoho, I joke, honestly though...

Clunkyd2743d ago

That wasnt a joke
That was fact! lol

yesmynameissumo2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

And no night/weather in any of them.

mhunterjr2743d ago

Why is night/weather a requirement? Because another racing sim has it?

Well forza has realistic audio, damage modeling, and more lifelike AI...

Why not judge each game on its own merits, instead of knocking it for not being an exact clone of the game you prefer.

ambientFLIER2742d ago

Forza 1 had night racing.

mhunterjr2743d ago

Unlike the other Forza games, they've gone back and remodeled every car for the new platform, instead of reusing old assets. To be fair, that will be better for this generation of forza in the long run.

Still, I wish that the car packs weren't so expensive. I probably won't buy the game until they come out with a complete edition.

Morpheuzpr2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I would understand that if the game was truly "next gen" but it just isn't. Baked lighting same physics and huge amount of jaggies, not to mention all the other downgrades that the game received. And the so called AI IDK. I've watched over 20 hours of people streaming the game on twitch and the AI does not display anything special or out of the ordinary. They still bump you trying to stay on their line, don't see them cutting inside a corner to pass another car like every human player does, when they loose control of the car they do not adjust to gain control again ect. In the end is just normal AI with some minor tweaks.

JackISbacK2743d ago

yeah very true it also makes me feel realy bad ,but waht ever they given to us is realy amazing but i was i expecting more ,realy more.
yeah i know its next gen and it requires more work and every thing can't be given on launch date but its not our problem we are giving you money and expect a whole experience ,but the game is realy good there is lack of content but feels truely next gen ,but i expect whole lot of great things next time.

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