Neocrisis: Anime Games and the US

Neocrisis writes: What is it exactly about the US and anime based games that prevents the two from ever meeting? I mean the gaming industry is massive and the anime industry has quite a few fans so it would seen to be common sense to release some of the anime based games or even the games that inspired the anime themselves here in the US for the fans to enjoy.

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Reibooi3404d ago

Personally I would love to see alot of these games get released here. It's funny that the only anime games that get released here are crappy when there are quite a few of them that are really actually good.

jazzking20013404d ago

i think i have not really played a anime game

TheColbertinator3404d ago

I always wanted to play that Gunslinger Girl game

Reibooi3404d ago

Ahh gunslinger girl. Such a incredible anime. Would love to get my hands on that game as well but well chances are that will never happen.

ZeroYui3404d ago

I loved to more anime based games come here to the US.

Andrez923404d ago

All Bleach games shuld b translated kuz there all so freaking awsome!