Frogster secures rights to Runewaker's next MMORPG

At GamesCom, Frogster has announced that they've secured global rights to Runewaker Entertainment's next MMORPG, due out in 2013.

Frogster currently owns the distribution rights for Runewaker's popular free-to-play MMORPG, Runes of Magic, in many territories, including the US and most of Europe.

TheSmokingManX5148d ago

2013? I almost don't want to hear about something that far away.

ahnonamis5148d ago

I know. On one hand, Runewaker is a really, really big studio now and Runes of Magic: Chapter 2 makes me think a new game by them is going to be awesome.

On the other, it's a 4 year wait.


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