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CrAppleton3558d ago

I love the idea of these mini podcasts

wondroushippo3558d ago

Yeah. I hate overly long podcasts. I'm digging the background music, too.

supercharger51503558d ago

Good! I'm glad someone enjoys them. I hope we're also touching on some great games that should be played and downloaded.

roblef3558d ago

This game is really alot of fun. I was surprised by it.

bgrundman3558d ago

I can only imagine it would be shocking if you found a good looking WiiWare game

wondroushippo3558d ago

I'm sure they exist and people have seen them, it's just that those who have seen them have suffered strokes trying to comprehend it.

In all fairness, though, have you seen Wii games running on the Dolphin emulator in HD? Makes me shed a tear for what could be.

roblef3558d ago

Wii downloads are the bomb.

Neco5123558d ago

So is this a platformer?

WiFi Pirate3558d ago

Had been wondering what this game was about. Probably one of the only WiiWare games out there that interested me at all.