Nintendo Now: Madden NFL 10 Wii Review

From Nintendo Now:

Another year, another season of football, and another Madden NFL game. This year's Wii version is taking a more drastic turn in direction than the HD versions of Madden, and even from the previous Wii versions. With each Madden release on Wii, EA has always tried things differently in order to make their game more accessible to the less core players. Madden NFL 10 makes that gap between core and casual closer than ever. A new visual art style makes the game more appealing for casuals, along with new modes and an easier pick up and play control scheme. The gameplay is mainly the same from last year's, but most of the new modes aren't too deep for the core Madden players to get into. Whether you're core or casual, this year's Wii version of Madden NFL should appeal to you in some way.

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