Is the PS3 Price Cut Enough?

Gameplayer looks into the price cut for the PS3 that will come in alongside the Slim and whether or not it is enough of a drop to revitalize the console's hope of passing the Xbox 360 in this generation of gaming.

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Sucks2BU3763d ago

It offers stacks more features and is now damn close to the same price as the 360 and Wii. Just wondering if Sony will be able to market that fact intelligently

RedPawn3763d ago

People still aren't Red E

SoapShoes3763d ago

If I was in charge of this site, I would automatically delete trash articles like this.

Sucks2BU3763d ago

Why? Seems like a relevant question to me

Szarky3763d ago

Don't read articles that end with a question mark kids.

japwow3763d ago

the price drop is indeed a step forward for sony.

SarcasticBastard3763d ago

Title should say.. "Is fable 3 enough?"

Sucks2BU3763d ago

big fan of Fable 2, but can't say that the Fable 3 trailer instilled me with desire