Heavy Rain PlayStation 3 Gameplay - Save the Day (Off Screen)

Heavy Rain PlayStation 3 Gameplay - Save the Day (Off Screen)

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TheColbertinator4857d ago

Looks really interesting like Indigo Prophecy.Lets see how it turns out

Upbeat4857d ago

ahhhhh the joys of owning a ps3 :D!

topdawg1224857d ago

On the first video before the robbery, you can hear Ryan Clements say
"What the f*ck is happening?" as he tries to move the guy. Ha ha.
The facial animations for this game have improved greatly from what we saw right before E3, looks fantastic.

El Botto4856d ago

The facial expressions, the detail on the faces, even the way the characters speak. This isnt a game lol, this is a hollywood movie.

Day one guaranteed.

Sunny_D4857d ago

That was tense and I really like the gameplay.

Cwalat4857d ago

Simply amazing, i saw another version of this playthrough and it had a different ending to the scene. This will ensure huge replay value, i for one will play through as many times as possible to see the different endings/cutscenes.

Amazing game, and i hope critics aren't onesighted enough to agree.

Muff1nB4k3r4857d ago

This video is more spoilerish than the other ones I've seen off of gametrailers, same scene, different outcomes I'm really looking forward to this!

Blaze9294857d ago

pre-ordered with release date delivery. can't wait.

ultimolu4857d ago

Those character models are stunning...and the interactions are life-like.

Very awesome.

ABizzel14856d ago (Edited 4856d ago )

This is going to be interesting. Heavy Rain is probably going to be one of the hardest games to review (I see it getting a ton of mixed reviews).

Heavy Rain is basically an interactive movie which I find refreshing. The major draw to this game is the story, and the reviewers who don't get that or expect more are going to rate the game poorly. But if the game keeps up the suspense and deliver a great story (on a level of a movie) then it will get rave reviews by those who do. It's obvious this game is not for everyone, but one thing to remember is that this game is basically taking the conversation system from Mass Effect and the gameplay of Indigo Prophecy and taking it to a whole new level. The problem Heavy Rain is going to have is convincing Gamers that an interactive moive/game is worth $60. They are really going to have to do something special if they want more sells.

Off the top of my head the best thing I think they can do is make this game episodic. Any other ideas guys?

ABizzel14856d ago

If you disagree please state why you disagree. I'm not a crazy fanboy. I just want to know what you think.

How do you think gamers will react to Heavy Rain? Heavy Rain may be a good game, but how do you justify spending $60 on it?

THis just made me think of another way. It would have been cool if it was kind of MMO-like, and you got to play as your own character and went through these events along with everyone else who was on at that time (but if the game were made like that then we probably wouldn't be playing it until Feb. 2014). So back to the drawing board.

What else will make Heavy Rain worth a $60 purchase besides the story, or will the story be enough?

Redempteur4856d ago (Edited 4856d ago )

this is really neat i guess the amount of paths in this game will be ENORMOUS ... what i realy wonder is ... How many endings ?
This will be a huge question for me since the characters can die and the story still being in motion ... i guess you'll be sure you won't see the same game as your friends

rockleex4856d ago

This game is an evolution of Indigo Prophecy.

To me, Mass Effect's conversation system has a LOT more resemblance to Oblivion's conversation system.

In Heavy Rain, any subtle action/any slightly different comment made to another person/etc has immediate and long-term consequences.

There's a huge difference.

heroicjanitor4856d ago

That had me worried, one wrong move and you are dead and the story continues, you don't just start from a checkpoint... Can't wait for this game!

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Pandamobile4857d ago

Nice facial animation. I wonder if it's mo-capped.

Sunny_D4857d ago

Yeah, it is motion captured. I think David Cage said that.

Christopher4857d ago

Yeah, mo-capped.

Definitely seeing A LOT of improvements in facial and body animations with these. The protagonist's body language when he asks if he can look in the box are almost spot on what I'd expect from an actor in a movie.

Very well done.

poeo4857d ago

in fact, from what i read, this game is the biggest motion capture project in history.

think about THAT.

Pandamobile4856d ago

Putting their animators out of jobs. lol.

Redempteur4856d ago

Well they manage to get funds by sharing their capturing equipment with other studio(s) [rent] . there are doing that since god know when ..
Almost everything in indigo prophecy was motion captured as well ..but this time they put a lot more work into the camera angles and the sound effects ...

(yeah even the children playing in the rain in the first trailer ( not teaser ) were mo-capped )

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JOLLY14857d ago

I really like how hard it was to figure out what you wanted to do. I don't really like the Mass Effect way of doing thing. Good on top bad on bottom. Everything was just floating around kind of like if might be in your head.

callahan094857d ago

Yeah, that's a good way to describe it. It really does a good job of recreating the tension you might feel in real life, and the fogginess of your thoughts, while everything rushes around in your head and it's tough to get your head clear and choose the right thing to do. It's a pretty cool interface. I'm excited for this game.

Raoh4857d ago

man that was awesome, i am so pissed right now this was delayed till next year..

i cant wait

wiggles4857d ago (Edited 4857d ago )

Tell me about it...I have been waiting for a game with a non generic story for years...I mean how many times can I be planet earth's last hope....seriously....I hope more games take this original story idea...or at least be focused more on story and emotions then "run and gun...and I hope you give 2 cents about the story.. "